Danielle Faith

It's been exactly six weeks since I gave birth to our daughter. I'm fully recovered and I even started working out too, slowly. Our mornings are chaotic, like we're always on a rush but we are making it every single day. My favorite time is at night when the kids are already sleeping. haha..Well technically, only Elijah sleeps through the night since our infant demands milk every 2-3 hours. Here are our highlights for the past 6 weeks.

I gave birth to Danielle Faith on February 13. It was a beautiful birthing experience. It felt like I was redeemed from my previous delivery which was rather traumatic.
The night before, I did a walkathon at Home Goods with my husband and son. I barely slept since I needed to frequent the bathroom. Around 3 in the morning, I felt contractions which intensified every ten minutes so I woke Bryan up, prepared everything, left Elijah with my sister-in-law and off we went to the hospital. Bryan prayed over me while we drove but with all that physical torment, he sounded like an elk to me. 

I was 8cm dilated when we arrived. Few minutes later, I was transferred to the labor room with a progressed dilation. Our little girl is ready to see the world. One nurse asked me if I wanted an epidural anesthesia, to which I said no. (I was assigned at the Nursery for years when I worked as a clinical instructor in the Philippines. I encountered hundreds of mothers who underwent labor for hours without any anesthesia. Those moms inspired me in this second pregnancy. If they can do it, so can I.)

My girlfriends threw a shower for me two weeks before I went into labor. As all of them declared for a swift delivery, one specifically prayed that Danielle will come out in 4 pushes. I embraced that declaration. While my veins on the forehead were about to burst, I was consciously counting my pushes. On my fourth push, my obstetrician said, "Alright, you can stop pushing now." The head is out!! Yay!!! 

We were discharged the next day. As I was changing Danielle's nappy, I noticed a small, cyst-like thing on her coccyx. Apparently, the nurses and pediatrician-on-duty did not see it because it's in between her butt cheeks. We waited for our baby's next pedia appointment so it can be assessed. We were soon scheduled for an ultrasound to rule out spina bifida and pilonidal cyst. I couldn't help but worry. There's a lot of what ifs on my mind. One night I was crying. I was prompted to read on Psalm 139 and was led to these verses.

"You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother's womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous-how well I know it."

What were the chances that I was pulled to read this psalm? Clearly, it was God telling me that Danielle is fine. He got this! I cried again (part of it I blame the hormones 😉), but this time with an assurance that my baby's well. I did a text brigade that night too and asked my friends to pray for Danielle. It comforted me. Oh what prayers can do!

Come the day of her ultrasound, there was peace in my heart knowing that Jesus was carrying my weakness. Even if there was no interpretation yet, Bryan and I knew it was not a neural tube defect. Yay for that! Now it's only pilonidal cyst or skin tag. The results have yet to be forwarded to the radiologist and pediatrician. 

Every time we pray, Bry and I would lay our hands over Danielle's behind and declare her healed. Last week as I bathed her, I checked on the cyst-or whatever it is, but she was fuzzy and moving a lot so I rechecked it again while I dressed her up. I looked, and looked again. Nothing! The cyst was gone! I grabbed my phone right away and called Bryan who's at work. "Jesus healed her! The cyst was gone!", I told him. I sent him photos of before and after. We were rejoicing! (A day before, it was still in its full glory!)

Few days later, Danielle's pediatrician confirmed thru phone call that it's a pilonidal cyst. Danielle would have to undergo a minor surgery just in case there's a drainage or any signs of infection, buuut it was gone!!!! With everything that happened, there's only one thing we are sure of. Our daughter was healed by the greatest physician, and that is Jesus. 

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