The Pearl Fam 2017

I am done nesting and the whole family's eager to meet our little girl soon. This has been my longest hiatus so far. I was only 9-weeks-pregnant on my last post, and now on my 39th week. As part of nesting, I turned our house upside down again, scrutinizing everything that we need to get rid of. We just moved in to our new place in November. No more renting, just the mortgage. haha (but a lot better) It's a 2-bedroom home, about 835 square feet. It maybe kind of small, but it's perfect for our soon to be family of four. Looking at it makes me emotional and so much grateful at the same time. We've been praying for this since 2014 and two years after, God showed once again how faithful and able He is. Praise Him! 
Part of the things I need to clean up was my laptop, and as usual, I spent hours looking at photos. Then I saw this...
This was in 2005. Bryan and I were in our last year in college and 10 months dating. I just arrived from a 3-day mandatory spiritual retreat with my classmates and now up to finish our group thesis. Thesis defense and graduation were the only problems we had then. As I stare at this photo, I remember the song, "Mary Did You Know?", so I created some thoughts in my head addressing to Bryan and what twelve years has done in our lives.

"Bryan, did you know that we would pass our licensure examinations?"
"Bryan, did you know that I prayed for my first boyfriend to be my husband?"
"Bryan, did you know that we would be in a long distance love affair for 8 years?"
"Bryan, did you know that you will get married at 25?"
"Bryan, did you know that God honored my wedding vow when I declared that He will be the center of our marriage? And did you know that even if I prayed for that, I had no idea what it really meant?"
"Bryan, did you know that God used our being temporarily away with each other so I can renew my relationship with Him and really understand and embrace the love of Jesus?"
"Bryan, did you know that your first born looks so much like you, and you will have a daughter soon too? And how blessed are we that our Father is entrusting these children to our care?"
"Bryan, did you know that we are sent here in a foreign land to fulfill God's purpose? And did you know that you are the best partner I can ever have in this mission?"
"Bryan, did you know that my love for you is growing everyday and that's because of a divine third party who fills in my love tank?" #JESUS
"Bryan, did you know that you are married for seven years already and you are doing so well as the leader of our family?"

Of course, my husband already knows these, but it is so nostalgic to look back and remember beautiful things, right?

Mrs. Pearl

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