Summer Family Photoshoot

Elijah and I had a three-week vacation in the Philippines last March. If you are reading this blog for a while now, you know that I love photoshoots! This year, Jamie Espadilla captured beautiful photos of me and my family. Bryan was not able to go home with us so we missed him so much!! My sister, Bhim did all our make-up and of course, I planned my outfits. It's been a while since I did an OOTD, so now is an overload! 

I love my retro look here! The scarf was a 'pasalubong' from my brother-in'law when he visited Japan.
Elijah just turned 7 months here. Look how chunky and toothless he was! Now he is leaner and longer and with seven teeth! I am not complaining, but you do understand my sentiments, right?
At the end of this session, Jamie couldn't make Elijah smile because he was sleepy! He had to snooze!

The crop top was from Forever 21 and the red shorts was from an online store I bought three years ago.
This is one of my treasured dresses because it's literally vintage! I bought it online too, many years ago.

And the little guy's happy again! What power nap can do!!
This cute dress I'm wearing is a nursing dress from Elin. It has a secret opening on both sides!

Below are my favorite pumps. They are precious for several reasons: They are so comfortable, I can run in them. They are bespoke and proudly Philippine-made! If you want these, go follow Tish Sevilla (@21tish) on Instagram. Elin is a local brand too! So proud!



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