Preppy, Boho Engagement Shoot

A week ago, a friend posted her photo on social media.

She's engaged!!! Woooot!!! While I was typing my well wishes to the couple, I felt God spoke to me and said, "Bless them" I asked, "How?" He answered, "Well, you and Jan are about the same size. You have plenty of clothes in your closet and you have a DSLR--with new lens." I immediately asked Jan if she and her fiance, Aldrine are willing to have an engagement shoot, with me as the stylist and uhhhhm, photographer, to which they gladly agreed!!!! 

Fast forward to the shoot which was yesterday. I prepared three sets of wardrobes for Jan. I was thinking that preppy and boho look will suit their personalities---young, carefree, vibrant! With that being said, I am sharing some of my favorite shots I took. 

Disclaimer: I love portrait shots! I own a DSLR camera, but I'm not a "photographer". I do understand some of the camera settings, but my heart is not into them. I used a 50mm lens without an auto focus in this set and with God's grace, I was able to take some nice photos. Yay!!!

Have a love-filled day!!!


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