My Takeaway at Book Bash LA

The last time I updated this blog was two months ago. Truth is, I have a handful of unpublished posts, and I can't publish them because they're unfinished. Whenever I look at my "to blog" list, there are ton of ideas, but I always end up typing half-finished posts, and now as I type this and remembered them, I can't help but let out a huge sigh. I am not freaking out, but I am, let's say frustrated at times because writing has always been my passion and now I cannot get it done. I am not talking about perfecting grammar in writing by the way. I just love to write to express, to inspire and to encourage and it seems like a struggle now.

Two days ago, a dear friend invited me to a book bash in Los Angeles. I was torn between me wanting to  go and a part of me wants to stay home and just look after my toddler (oh yes, Elijah turned one a few weeks ago and would love to share what happened on that beautiful day) or do some more chores. I initially declined the invitation because no one's going to look after Eli at home anyway, but you know those moments when you are so sure you were meant to be there? Well, that was one 'moment" because I was able to go and even brought my son (we're package deal!). Woohoo!!!

The book bash that we went to was the "Thirty One Days of Prayer for the DREAMER and DOER" by Jenn Sprinkle and Kelly Rucker and friends of The Well Studio. I was expecting it to be a huge event. Much to my delight, it was an intimate one. It was held on the fourth floor of an old building (not sure, but it looked old to me). It's a graphic design office during the day. 

The venue has a lot of character. It's rustic, vintage yet industrial! It kind of reminded me of New York, even if I haven't been there. ahahaha...Think about Mad Men or Friends.

The dessert buffet was dainty and inviting (my phone has a poor resolution) although I was hesitant to get food from it because it may ruin the whole set-up. 
I love this verse! Apart from the book, a lot of stuff just like this office print were for sale. 

and then there's the only boy..He was well-behaved! 
It's my first time to attend a book bash and I liked how it had a personal touch. Guests and authors were able to mingle to each other. But the cherry on top was when the authors shared bits and pieces of their lives and how they were able to piece together such a wonderful book. Their stories and testimonies were really uplifting that I was spiritually rebooted on our way home. I was reminded of my one word this year which is "Simplify". Though this one word helped me a lot this year, I have to admit I still struggle to apply it sometimes. From January until yesterday, I am mostly concern simplifying tangible things. Last night was a revelation on my part because other areas were highlighted which I never thought of before--things such as time, resources and energy. As I type this, I am staring at my son's photo above and couldn't help but feel convicted because there were times when I prioritized my chores over relationships. I could have spent more time with him and his dad but I choose to do other stuff just because I want things done. Or when I nurse Elijah or put him to sleep, it's so easy for me to hold my iPad or smartphone, browse the web and find things I think I would need (eg: online shopping) instead of enjoying the moment that I can still smother him with kisses or stare at him for hours as he dozes off. I felt like Jesus told me, "Ethel, Ethel, you are worried and upset of so many things, but few things are needed--or indeed only one. Yeah, I was acting more like Martha rather than Mary (do read Luke 10:38-41), thus missing the meaningful things. I also realized I don't have to be too hard on myself, after all, I'm still a new mom and adjusting. And so as I went to bed last night, I prayed the Simplicity prayer of The Thirty One Days of Prayer. Indeed, it was a prayer I've always wanted to say. I loved how it ended:

"And while my heart desires quiet time with you, it's so easy for the noise of the world to overthrow my intentions. Jesus, I pray You'll help me quiet my home so my focus doesn't stray. Help me to cherish what You've been blessed me with so my heart doesn't fill with greed or jealousy."

And to you my friend, I pray that God's dreams for you will surface in your heart and you will have that passionate desire to fulfill them.


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