Edible Paint for Babies plus Daddy's birthday

One thing I learned when I became a full time homemaker two years ago is to unleash the creativity I have when the budget is limited. On special occasions that call for gift givings, I usually think in advance what to get the significant one. Yesterday was my husband's 31st birthday, and in three days will be Father's Day. I thought of giving him an artwork, a painting made by his son. The idea waltzed in my mind a year ago when I was still pregnant. It was a daydream! Fast forward to now, my son, Elijah is already 8 months old and in perfect age to do his first masterpiece!

Since Elijah is in oral stage, I thought an edible paint will be a bright idea to be safe and have less mommy-freak-outs in case he gobbles the paint. The almost, always reliable Mr. Google helped me find the recipe for the edible paint. I found different recipes but this is what I liked best.

What you need: 1/2 cup cornstarch
                        1/2 cup cold water
                        1 cup hot water
                        food coloring

> Mix cornstarch and cold water until cornstarch is dissolved
> Slowly add the hot water and stir until a paste-like consistency is visible
> Transfer the paste to different containers. I used plastic cups (sorry, not environment friendly!).
> Finally, here's the most fun thing to do: Mix colors to your liking! I bought a pack of gel food coloring at Target with four colors in it. It had the basic ones-red, blue and yellow plus green. 

 BASIC ART: yellow + blue = green
                      red + blue = violoet
                      red + yellow = orange

I settled for six colors only. In the future, maybe Elijah will help me do the edible paint too and mix more colors. 

I just came from a nap and my mama showed me this.- Eli
I trusted my instincts to put a liner! lol And I helped him in his artwork. I guided his hands and even used his feet and butt to glide the paint on the paper. 
Here's the little painter! 
He took a long, nice and warm bath after his activity. The paint is easy to wash off too. 
Yesterday, he gave his gift to his daddy!
And we got a happy daddy and baby here! I wrote "Elijah2015" at the bottom left of his artwork, because I don't want to forget.

Side notes: Since the paint is made of cornstarch, some parts may cake and break, especially the thicker parts. Just scratch them off and a natural color will appear. 
Also, even if it's edible, I kept on wiping his mouth when he attempted to taste the paint. 
And lastly, I'm blessed to have a low maintenance husband. :)


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