Praying for our Children

A lot of people told me that motherhood is life changing. Indeed, it is! My son, Elijah turned 4 months two weeks ago which means my life has significantly changed since his birth. Me, being a pediatric nurse for quite a while in the Philippines sure helped a lot, but just like any other new moms, I am normal--prone to mistakes that is. Motherhood is so much of a trial and error. When Elijah was less than a month old, I had to trim his nails. I was excited to finally use his grooming kit and was so fulfilled after I finished trimming his nails, until some blood seeped out of his index and middle fingers. To my horror, the blood, even if it was just a teeny-tiny amount, did not stop flowing until after 10 minutes. I got scared knowing that children his age lack some clotting factors, thus they're prone to bleeding. My guilt was so evident that I cannot even look directly into my husband's eyes when I told him the story. 

My life was different before because I have to take care of someone now, full time. I am raising a human and he's dependent on me (and his daddy) 24/7. The sad news is, even if I want to, I cannot look after him all the time because I am an imperfect mom. I have needs too. I need to bathe, eat, use the rest room, sleep and so much more.  During those times, especially when my husband is at work, I had no choice but to leave a wailing baby in the crib. The best news is, my husband and I are not alone in raising our son because we have God. When us, imperfect parents fail, the perfect heavenly father rescues.

I know a lot of parents who work hard for their children's future, and even pass an inheritance. That I won't disagree. But more than material things, I believe that the greatest gift that we could give to our children and their generation is our prayers. Through our prayers, we will be at ease and be able to sleep through the night knowing that our children are protected whatever they do and wherever they go. Through prayers, we stop depending on ourselves and start depending on God. Instead of raising them by fear, we will raise them by faith. Best of all, prayers could shape the destiny of our children. When I was pregnant, I started highlighting verses from the Bible, wrote them in my journal with a title, "For my Little Pearl" (which I later changed into Elijah Gavin when we finally found out we're having a boy.) and claimed them through prayers, bold, audacious prayers! Click here for that story. 
Someone laughed at me before when I said I was already praying for Elijah's wife. You see, it's never too early to start planting seeds. In fact, I already have a message for them in their wedding. I don't know who that woman is, but I'm praying that she and Elijah will have the same mission in life and will look up to Jesus as the Lord and Saviour of their lives. 

It's not also a guarantee that because I am a Christian, my son will be a Christian too, so I pray that when he grows up, he will choose to follow Christ; that he will not just read the Word, but to hear and love the Word. I still have a lot of prayers to tell, but I will end this post by sharing this prayer themes I made for Elijah.
My heart is comforted knowing that I am taking part of Elijah's destiny. To have peace of mind as parents, let's surrender our children to the Prince of Peace and pray through everyday.


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