Chocolate Lactation Milk Tea

One of the things I miss in the Philippines is milk tea! The university where I worked with before I migrated here in the U.S is surrounded with different milk tea chains. I can bravely say there are at least ten shops of different brands of milk tea in that area. It became my comfort drink, like almost everyday, I had to sip a tall glass of it. My favorite milk tea store is D'Cream! Mura na, masarap pa! So imagine my struggle during my first few months here as my taste buds screamed for milk tea. I found a few, but then I got pregnant and had to get rid of caffeine, until now because I'm breastfeeding. The irony is, even if I like milk tea, I can't tolerate tea alone. It should have milk and sweetener! I started sipping on Mother's Milk tea for more milk production. While it helped a lot, I almost puked every time I take it in. It doesn't taste horrible. I just don't go for bare teas. And so to enjoy my tea time without sacrificing the taste, I added some wholesome ingredients, both benefiting me and the baby. 

Here's my lactation chocolate milk tea! Steep one tea bag in hot water. Add 2 tbsps of cacao powder. I use Navitas. Also note that cacao is different from cocoa powder. Cacao is pure and rich in antioxidants. Add almond milk as desired and your preferred sweetener. I like mine with organic agave. Add ice. I have sweet tooth, so I usually indulge in with my own healthy chocolate chip lactation cookies (coming soon on the blog).  
And here's my avid consumer! He turned 5 months last week and almost triple his birth weight. Seeing him this big, healthy and glowing, I know I'm doing a good job nursing him exclusively. 

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