Bye Oh My Earth Angel

I started blogging on Multiply way back in 2006-2007. Then on 2009, I opened my Blogspot account primarily to document my wedding preparations and daily nonsense. I wrote here somewhere that I didn't have any idea my blog entries could be read by other people and the labels that I put in could actually lead people to my blog. Silly but true! So when 2015 came, I had this impression that my blog is badly needing a makeover. Like totally! Luckily for me, my sister volunteered to overhaul this blog,(You may check her website here. She does make-up!) until I decided to change even the name (Oh My Earth Angel sounds inappropriate to a 30-year-old, right?). People who are close to me know that pearls play significant role in my life so I wanted my blog named with a pearl. They're my favorite gemstones (and sapphire too!)! So why The Prized Pearls?

 “Also, the kingdom of heaven is like a man looking for fine pearls.  When he found a very valuable pearl, he went and sold everything he had and bought it. - Matthew 13:45-46

In my "About Me" section, I wrote that my most Precious Pearl is the one who saved and loved me while I was unloved and unworthy. Initially, I wanted a brand new blog or maybe just erased the baloney. But then, reading the changes in this blog is an affirmation on how Jesus changes hearts. Just like the merchant in the parable who sold everything when he found the pearl of great price, I want this blog to focus on the inestimable and that includes my faith and family. And it wouldn't hurt to include few of my interests too like health and fashion and the season I am currently in now--motherhood. 
Hello from my family!


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