These are a few of my favorite things: New mom

As the title suggests, I am sharing some of my current favorite things that could help future moms out there. I was totally clueless when I was nesting with Elijah so I had to spend a lot of time searching the net for information. By the way, my son is sleeping on my chest now so I had to type with only one hand. I hope I'll get this right. Here it goes! 

Nursing bras are quite pricey! (photo from Target's website) Before I gave birth, I took out some of my regular bras and  converted them to nursing bras but didn't last long because my breasts were peeking out. It didn't occur to me that breastfeeding will increase my cup size. Before I purchased these nursing "baby bra", as I call them, I was on the look for a real bra, but unfortunately, the stores I went to do not have my size. ahaha..(sa preteens' section daw ako magpunta) These are like beginners bra. They don't have pads though, but they are really comfortable. I use them all the time! 
Maternity tank top! I was 24 weeks pregnant here and got this to accommodate the growing Little Pearl. Since the fabric is stretched and neckline low, nursing is easy. I bought a few of these, all black. From plain white shirt, this tank top is now my staple. It goes together with the nursing bra. They're partners in crime!
This Tiny Love mobile was a hand me down from one of my mommy friends. Elijah just turned three months last week and he appreciates this toy better than any other. Errr, well, for a few minutes. Just enough for my me time in the rest room. It has four different music, adjustable sound and a night light. And this morning, I found Elijah smiling at the stuffed toys and cooing at them too.
This is Munchkin's Nursery projector and sound system. Also a hand me down! It has different sounds to soothe and calm the baby, plus colorful slides for projection. Elijah does not appreciate this yet, but in the coming months, I know he'll learn to love this.
Halo Sleepsack...Elijah is sleeping in this photo. He always smiles when sleeping. Look at how comfortable he is in a sleepsack. I was paranoid of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and this wearable blanket faded those worries. Newborns are only nose breathers for the first few months, unlike us who can breathe through our mouths too, so suffocation is high risk for them. This blanket was designed to prevent covering the baby's face like the traditional blankets. I also noticed that Elijah easily dozes off whenever he's wearing this.
Lazy Lambert Pillow! I was advised not to use pillow for my son, but I bought this one because it addresses my other concern: Flat Head Syndrome. You see, I have a flat head, but because I'm a female, it's not obvious. Elijah would want to shave his head like his dad when he grows up and for him to rock a bald head, a round head is better, right? This pillow supports the head in different positions. The head's weight is distributed. So far at 3 months, Elijah's head is still round. It's just a small pillow too so I am able to bring this when we go out of town.
Ergobaby Carrier: This is by far my favoritest thing ever! I ignored it the first time since the price is steep ($100 plus) and got a cheaper one. The first baby carrier caused me backaches. After reading a lot of reviews and asked first hand experience from a friend, Bryan and I went for it. For a clingy baby like my son, this keeps me sane and help me get through the day. I can do some chores while wearing Elijah. Just this morning, I tried to nurse in this while baking and cleaning the kitchen. Oh, and dancing and singing too to entertain the baby. For newborns and smaller infants, an insert (the beige part) is needed. Though the label says the insert is for infants 12 pounds and below, we still used it for about three weeks more even if Elijah's more than 12 pounds already because he cannot stretch his legs well. But at exactly 3 months, my son graduated from the insert. Now, it's a lot easier and less bulky wearing him.
Snap and Go stroller: Someone gifted us a traditional stroller during our baby shower. We used it for a couple of times when Elijah was only a few weeks old. Then I observed some parents pushing their babies rear faced and I thought it was better because they have a full view of the baby. I searched online again and came across this universal car seat stroller. It's just a frame and could fit any car seat. It's lightweight, not bulky and the price is just right.
Awww, time flies! Elijah's only 6 weeks old here I guess. He's lying on a Boppy Pillow. This pillow is versatile. I especially use this when I want a hands-free breastfeeding. It's crescent shape so I just wrap it around my waist, lay the baby and nurse! It can also be used for tummy time, for propping the baby. I sat on this too during my first week to avoid friction of my episiorrhaphy.
Elijah's combo: Lazy Lambert's pillow and Halo sleepsack
Eddie Bauer's Snuzzler: This was a gift to us too. It keeps the baby in place. Elijah was only three-weeks-old here and no head control yet so the snuzzler provided a steady stance. We used it in the car seat but Elijah eventually outgrew it.
Sharing you another photo of the Ergobaby carrier. This time, daddy's wearing it.
The last one for this post is Eddie Bauer's nursing cover. Nursing covers are expensive too, but I saw this on Target for only ten bucks. I'll be writing another post on breastfeeding. In this photo, taken a month after giving birth, I already gained confidence nursing in public! 

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