Elijah Gavin

After two months, I can finally take hold of the laptop again and take advantage while my husband takes care of the baby. Yes! I finally gave birth last month. I was due first week of October but things didn't seem to happened the way we expected them to, plus with all the adjustments that came next. Anyway, here's a glimpse of what transcended that week. 
While I was due October 4, I had a feeling even during the first trimester that I will deliver on September. So as early as July, I was nesting and dragging my butt to accomplish what I have on my checklist. By September, we're ready and waiting! 

I was 37 weeks and 1 day and little did I know this was going to be my last photo with a bump. 
That week, we went for my regular check-up. Everything was well except my blood pressure was slightly high which made my obstetrician a bit worried, followed by presence of protein in my urine. My o.b always tells me I am an ideal patient, like there's never an issue at all, until that week. In fact, our trip to the clinic is more lengthy compared to my check-up time. I was advised that day to monitor my blood pressure and go to the nearest hospital if it goes up. Apparently, it went even higher and was confined for a few hours (I was discharged around 3 in the morning.) at the hospital near our home. My obstetrician called that morning and instructed us to go to another hospital where I gave birth. 

While I prayed during the whole pregnancy for a swift labor and delivery, what happened was unanticipated. What I had in mind was to labor for a few hours only, deliver in less than an hour and go home the next day. What happened was I labored for 21 hours and pushed for 4 hours. Initially, I planned not to have an epidural anesthesia but the pain was causing my blood pressure to shoot up (160/100) and I had to rest to reserve some energy. My eyes were swollen from all the crying and pushing but Elijah's head can't go down so a vacuum was used to let him out. 

Despite being stuck for hours, Elijah cried as soon as he came out. He's a strong boy. It didn't end there though. Elijah's blood glucose went down that he had to stay at the NICU for 2 nights. I, on the other hand underwent other diagnostic procedures which extended our stay at the hospital. My legs swelled more too, increasing 2 inches of their circumference (I thought they're going to explode. They were that huge!), plus I was limping because of the epidural anesthesia (until now actually). 

After 3 nights at the hospital, we finally went home and I recovered real quick. The pain down there went away and my legs went back to normal before Elijah turned one week old. I found myself giggling as I stared at my legs for hours and told my husband, "I didn't know my legs were slim!" Looking back now, I can still remember almost every detail, especially the pain. I have to admit, most of the experience wasn't good at all, but I want to highlight one thing and that's God at the center of it. At that time, my heart was comforted and there was peace because I know God is in control. Sure, I can brag all day about my labor and delivery story, but I choose to magnify my king who planned it all. That day, I witnessed a miracle. A promise fulfilled and came to life.  Since Elijah checked out of my womb, Bryan and I were thriving every single day. I never thought I could love this much. Because of Elijah, I loved my husband even more and our team (#TeamPerlas) is getting even stronger everyday. 

Here are some photos that I want to share.
I'm laboring here but no pain yet.
Finally, a glimpse of our Elijah Gavin, our Little Pearl! He was born on September 19. That swollen part on his head was the vacuumed part. 

Our first family photo was taken at the NICU. I'm a nurse, but it's really different when your child's the one being pricked with needles and undergoing different tests. Our Elijah's a brave boy. 
He's one week old here and sleeps most of the time. He looks so much like his daddy. 

Elijah at one month.

....more stories and adventures to come!! This is just an introduction! :)


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