Nautical Themed Baby Shower

I'm 32 weeks now! Exactly a week ago, my spiritual family threw us a beautiful and fun baby shower. I chose a nautical theme just because it was the first thing that came across my mind when a friend of mine asked me randomly (kaya pinanindigan ko na).

Here's another photo diary of what happened that day and some random stories in between.
Set-up first! This is the backdrop of the buffet table. So cute right? Ate Ruby, our shower's stylist started doing this few weeks before the actual event, which I gave a little help on.
The dessert table! There's even a custom-made cake and it was so delicious.
A clearer view..That's Ate Ruby on the left.
The table set-up! Even our patio cover was decorated with paper lanterns and do-it-yourself life savers.
These guys are awesome! They are the emcees on that day.
Of course, a thanksgiving and promised prayers preceded chow time. Kuya Joey and Ate Mooch (who are also expecting) led the prayer for us. Food was potbless (potluck originally but we prefer to use bless than luck) and it was overflowing. Our friends even took home some food.
It's chow time!!!!
Hands down to my aunt and mom-in-law. They were the queens of the kitchen! They made sure the buffet table was always filled with food. And they just did it so gracefully. I miss my mom (she's in the Philippines) though. I'm sure the three of them, plus my aunt-in-law will make a great team.
Let the games begin!!!!!!
Oldies but goodies games! On top: whoever finishes first the feeding bottle with juice wins. The men actually had a hard time sucking the bottle. hahaha; bottom: These are our real-life couple friends. The husbands need to feed their wives with applesauce with eyes close.
This is the most decent outfit of the day photo that we had from the party. I asked my cousin, Mark to be the official photographer. Earlier that day, Bryan and I had a mini maternity photo shoot session too. I'll blog about it soon! 
Bryan's shirt and my dress were both from H&M and our shoes from Toms. This is actually another game. The emcees asked our guests to estimate the size of my tummy using a yarn. In this photo, Bryan's wrapping the yarn around my belly as basis for the contestants' cut yarns.
The last game for the night. Dress these men with a diaper using a toilet paper, and do a fashion show after. hahaha..I love how game these men were.

There's even an intermission number. Angela, one of the hosts serenaded us with the song "Ikaw" while her mom accompanied her on the keyboards. She has the voice of an angel. 

Side story: Before the year 2013 ended, someone prayed for me (it was November). His prayer was really long but I'll only focus on two things. He mentioned that for the next few months, I will find myself doing nothing, and second, Bryan and I will experience love from unexpected people. True enough, I found out I was pregnant on the last week of January and did nothing but to just to lie down, cringe and sleep for the whole first trimester because of all the changes my body underwent through. At the same time, love overflowed from my spiritual family. Imagine, I was only here for a year, yet I knew in my heart that God already provided me with true friends. My parents and siblings maybe away from me, but these beautiful people, together with my in-laws, uncle, aunt, cousins and college friends made my transition a lot easier. Honestly, I was focused on getting a job when I arrived here, but God revealed that relationships are more important. At the same time, Bryan's role as the head of our family was put to full potential. I saw his leadership and most especially how God provided for the two of us, and soon, the three of us. I'm really happy that Bryan and I were given enough time to just be together and enjoy each other's company before Elijah arrives.
 Gifts overflowed for Elijah too! We haven't done our shopping yet for him but his checklist is almost accomplished. 

"Look at the birds. They don't plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren't you far more valuable to him than they are?" - Matthew 6:26 

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