Maternity Photo Shoot

Bryan and I love photos! Well, at least me, but I'm happy he's always game with my silly ideas. haha..When we got married, we invested on photos and videos and they are so worth every penny that we spent. And since Bryan and I were in a long distance love affair before, we made sure to have a souvenir or let's say official photos every time we see each other. These are some of my favorite photos.

Our vintage-inspired wedding in 2010
And a 60's inspired engagement photoshoot
A year after the wedding, we decided to have another photoshoot. This time, it's ballerina-inspired. Here, we hired a team of make-up artist, photographer and stylist.
One of my favorite photos last year in Arizona. We were at two places at the same time--Nevada and Arizona.
This year, since we're having a baby, we decided to do a maternity photoshoot. Personally, I don't like exposing my tummy, so I told Bryan we'll do it like the usual engagement shoot. I searched for Los Angeles-based photographers online and inquired about their rates. Of course, it's a bit pricey here. Then I remembered my cousin, Mark, who has an eye on photography. I searched some maternity photos, sent them to him and asked if he could take ours. Initially, Bryan was volunteering to do the maternity session by himself, but I told him he's included in the shoot and that someone else should be doing it for us. My cousin enthusiastically obliged. We did it before the start of our baby shower.

Since no one will do the make-up for me, I spent a few weeks watching make-up tutorial videos on Youtube. I also asked my sister about the best drugstore make-up since I don't want to lavishly spend on high-end ones. Fortunately, I was able to complete all the make-up needed before the maternity session.
I also prepared the clothes and accessories that I'm going to wear days before. Dressing up Bryan is a breeze, so I didn't bother to look through his closet. We decided on what he's going to wear on the day. 
So without further ado (pero andami ko ng sinabi diba), here are some of my favorite shots, featuring two of my own creation. heehee

I made the headband here! And I'm wearing a pre pregnant dress. Well, I don't have any maternity dress.
Love this captured moment!
Bryan says: You're heavier now!
I also made the yellow cape. It was worn before by one of the contestants of Miss Nursing Personality when I volunteered to design their casual wear two years ago. I didn't know it could be worn sideways. It's actually better worn this way!
This is another Ethel Perlas dress (yes!!). It's a maid-of-honor dress I wore at my best friend's wedding last year. I just tied a belt this time to give emphasis on my growing belly.
Photograhper: Mark Gomez
Location: Anywhere around the house
Outfits: Anything that we could find in our closet! 
We're 31 weeks pregnant here! 


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