Is someone going to heaven because of you?

There was a time before when I felt incomplete. I cannot explain it, but I just know in my heart that something was missing. All the while, I thought it was because Bryan and I were in a long distance relationship, or maybe I just needed some self-fulfillment, or encouragement, until I discovered that Jesus was the one missing in my life....

All my life, I thought my relationship with Him was perfectly fine because I was obedient in following almost all religious activities. I even excel in my Theology subjects in school. All the while, I thought I knew everything about this Jesus, until one person approached me. And of all people, it was my younger sister who introduced me again to Him. 

It all started with this booklet. 

When I was still working as a clinical instructor, I rarely go home in Pampanga. One time, it so happened that Bim and I went home together for the weekend (or maybe a short vacation, I don't remember anymore). That day, she grabbed the opportunity to share God's word to me. She shared about salvation and asked me few things, which I was able to answer but surprisingly, I found myself confused, and without any conviction (and I'll say it again---I thought I already knew everything about my faith). Later on, Bim connected me to one of her mentors/friends. Let's call him Kuya Hubert. Kuya Hubert then connected me to Chookie. Chookie (who is now a very dear friend of mine) and I clicked instantly because both of our husbands were away from us and we're about the same age. Chookie started doing the One 2 One all over again with me. One 2 One is a personal discipleship guide. It tackles about the foundations of faith. From then on, little by little, my heart just opened as I accepted the love of Christ, as I allowed him to be the Savior and Lord of my life.

I only met Kuya Hubert once. We never talked actually. I'm not even sure if he knew my name. About two months ago, Bim and Kuya Hubert met and chatted for a while as they planned for a big church activity. He asked my sister how I was doing and Bim delightedly informed him how God moved into my life since the day she connected me to him. Kuya Hubert was so happy to hear all the good things that has happened to me. Exactly a week after that, Bim sent a heartbreaking message, informing me that Kuya Hubert passed away in a horrific car accident. I cried for a while, but at the same time, I'm also happy that he's finally free from all the pains of this world and is now celebrating his eternal life with our Creator.

Bim updated me all throughout the wake. What struck me most was the message of Kuya Hubert's sister during the eulogy. She said (I'm paraphrasing it), "Hubert and I may not be able to do some things together anymore, but there is still one thing which all of us can still do at same time, and that is to worship our King. I know that Hubert is so happy now that he is finally with his first love."

While I was moved to tears, I was also very grateful that Kuya Hubert allowed God to use him to help my faith bloom, and I know that God is very pleased for having such an obedient son. In the future, when God decides to take me, Kuya Hubert will be one of those people whom I'm going to look for in heaven, hug and thank him for bringing me closer to God. 

As Christians, this is mainly our purpose here on earth---to be a disciple of Jesus and to make disciples. My story above is about God using different people like Bim, Chookie and Kuya Hubert to bring my heart to Him. Because of what these people did in my life, because of their obedience to God, my soul is saved. From someone who was lost, I am now found; from someone who was doomed, I am now entitled to last eternally. Isn't it that when we get to see a beautiful movie or able to eat at a superb restaurant, we become so enthusiastic and rave about these things to other people? This is what discipleship is all about---to go out of our comfort zone and tell other people the Good News, that there is a chance for us to be with God once again because of what Jesus did for us on the cross. This is what I want to do now. I don't want to be contented with just me being saved, with just me going to heaven. I want to tell my family, my friends and even those I don't know about this good news so that in the end, all of us will be reunited in one perfect place, for God has planted eternity in our hearts.

My life suddenly just made sense that I kept on singing this excerpt from Jean Valjean:

Suddenly I see
What I could not see
Something suddenly
Has begun. 


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