Jesus, my Lord

Someone asked me before, "Why do you call Him Lord Jesus or Lord God when you pray?" Just like that person, for so many years, I did not know exactly what it meant for Jesus to be called Lord. I never thought that one simple word could change my life. 

I remember the famous line of one of my favorite cartoon when I was a child. I was a fan of the Little Lord of Fauntleroy. Cedric Errol was the sole heir to his duke grandfather. One day, his grandfather took him to the hills overlooking the whole village. He told Cedric, "My grandson, everything that your eyes can see belongs to you.", thus inheriting the title, lord. Being the lord of the land, Cedric is the master of everyone. Simply put to, the townspeople's daily activities revolve around their lord's decision. His people cannot make abrupt decisions because they need to consult him first.
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When I accepted Jesus as my savior, I was like, "Oh wow! That's so easy!! Now I can go to heaven!" You see, I am really blessed to be surrounded with people who are so passionate about God. When I accepted Jesus as my savior, my friends did not stop from there. They continued to follow me up with my new walk with our Savior, thus encountering the lordship of Christ. 

The bible tells us that God made Jesus both Lord and Christ (Acts 2:36). It dawned on me that when I allowed Jesus to enter my life, I should walk with him all throughout my journey--and that is the hardest part. 

We are surrounded with rules--at home, at work, our country. Every single setting has a rule. During our weekly church small group meeting , I asked my friends when is it so hard for them to follow rules. They told me it's hard to obey rules when the rulers are irrational. My husband, Bryan, had a curfew when he was in college. One time, he went out with his friends and came home at 5 in the morning (We haven't met that time yet.). When he arrived home, his dad welcomed him at their front door with a newspaper and told him, "Do you see this? (while waving the newspaper in his face). This is the latest paper and you came home the same day it was delivered!"  Bryan knew he was wrong all along, but there's still a tiny bit of him that said his parents are being irrational because yes, he may have come home late, but he was still a good son. He had set of rules to follow at home but he refused to obey his parents. We all have stories to share like Bryan. Rules are rules, but sometimes, we want to make our own. 


Now Jesus being the lord means that ALL aspects of our lives should be surrendered to him--as in EVERYTHING. Jesus being the lord requires ABSOLUTE (absolute, according to the dictionary means pure; complete; perfect in quality) obedience for Jesus is lord of all lords. Jesus himself was the epitome of obedience. Imagine if he disobeyed his father and allowed himself to be tempted by the devil and refused to be nailed on the cross, then we are all doomed.

I had so much to tell about how Jesus changed me ever since I followed him. 

I used to have a bad temper. I was very impulsive and sometimes used my hands and words to hurt others. I used to cuss before too, not so much though but cuss will always be a cuss. I was a Christian in the setting only, like when inside the church. I let God rule some parts of my life, but for other things, I decided my own way. I was deeply rebuked when I allowed Jesus to rule my life. Thanks to my friends who were so obedient to God to share His word and were so patient, kind, loving and nonjudgmental to me as they discussed the foundations of faith. Even the choice of music I listen to and books that I read now were affected because I want to please Him. It gives me chills to think about what might have been if Jesus isn't my lord, because it will affect me greatly--my marriage, my family, my views on life, my finances, my health..Everything!!! 

Allowing Jesus to be the lord of my life is a tedious process. I, personally is a work in progress. I was freed from the facts I mentioned because of his grace (and continuously healing from other things still). I could not have rid those in my own ways. 

Jesus being my Lord allows me to get to know him more. It's the only way to learn his rules, what he wants me to fulfill every single day. Before, reading the Bible seemed like a daily task to me. Eventually, it became a lifestyle. I crave for it! It became a breath of fresh air. Reading the Bible does not make me religious at all, but it's my way of communicating to my Lord. After all, communication is a two-way process. The more I read, the more I get to know him (parang sa mga nagliligawan lang yan). And the more I obey him, the better I become. God wants us to obey Him because it's the best for us. My belief is that our life here on earth is a preparation of our eternal life. God wants us to obey him now so when we go see HIM face to face, we are ready. 

Today, I pray that we all look up to God as the Lord of our life, that He grant us the grace to have an obedient heart as we take this journey with Him. Jesus' love for us is overflowing that he gave up his own life, and the very least thing that we can do is to give our all to him. 


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