Dressing up the Bump Photo Diary

Here's a photo documentation of Elijah aka Little Pearl inside mommy's tummy.

My LMP was on December 28, 2013. This photo was taken when we went skiing at Big Bear Mountain during the first week of January. Though my last menstrual period fell on December, I wasn't pregnant here yet. Thank God, because I stumbled and toppled many times during our ski session. 

This was taken during our 4th wedding anniversary at Universal Studios, mid January. I didn't know I was already pregnant here. I even went for another terrifying The Mummy ride, which gave me a bad headache after. hahaha

Fast forward to 23 weeks. My bump was not obvious until my fifth month. 
I'm 24 weeks here, but my dress doesn't show the bump at all. I wore this at the church. The dress is from Mossimo while the shoes are from Restricted. I love these oxfords!! They have around 2 inch-chunky heels. 

A better view on my 24th week. We're on our way home here from the doctor's appointment. The black tank top is the only maternity wear I have and it's so comfortable. 
Another photo on my 24th week, just because Bryan and I are dressed well. haha..We attended a birthday party here. I was wearing a custom made dress by Roy Anne Lee which I wore three years ago during my graduation when I earned my Master's Degree.
On my 25th week here. This Calvin Klein dress was a really good buy!! I got it from Nordstrom Rack with almost 80% off the original price. Best of all, it's the only stock they had and it's my size! It was meant for me! 
With my dashing date at his college friend's wedding. 
26 weeks here! This dress was from Meg which I bought three years ago. I find myself wearing bodycon dresses more often now compared when I wasn't pregnat. 
At my friend's baby shower. We're 28 weeks here, in a maternity tank top and pre-pregnant shorts. I use belt to secure my shorts now because even the zipper won't go up. Also, I make sure to wear a long shirt or top whenever I wear my pre-pregnant shorts. 
29 weeks here and Bryan and I went out for our monthly weekday date. This summer dress I got with a good deal (50% off) while doing our groceries at Target. This was also during this time when I noticed a discoloration of my armpits. Oh no, the hormones!!! I guess I'm one of those preggy mommies who weren't spared, but I still wore the dress anyway. I just don't raise my arms. Though I was aware of these, it kinda freaked me out when I woke up one day and my armpits are 5 shades darker than they used to be. My friends find it hilarious when I asked them about their 
'kilikili" during pregnancy. They thought I was funny, but really, I was serious. My anxiety slowly faded away when they assured me everything will go back to normal. After all, it's the hormones! 
A better view of the bump at 29 weeks. I am currently on my 30th week and getting more and more excited. I started nesting already. I ransacked and tidied the kitchen and bathroom (don't worry, I'm careful) and asked Bryan to dismantle our huge desk to give space for Elijah's things (like crib and drawer). We will be sharing our room with him. Some of our friends also gave presents to Elijah which made me even more excited! 10 more weeks or less!


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