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This photo was taken last week. My tummy is bigger now. It's growing every single day! I am almost 20 weeks pregnant and so proud of my little bump. :) My post for today will be about the products that my skin love now that I am expecting (and even before I got pregnant). 

 1. Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter - I started using this cream only a month ago. I massage an ample amount all over my tummy, lower back and around the breast area after bathing. Prior to this, I was only using my usual lotion which is Aveeno Baby (#2 on my list). I kinda liked the Burt's Bees line because it's natural. This Belly Butter had good reviews so I gave it a try. I have to admit that on my first use, I almost threw up because of the smell. I would say it's because of the shea butter. But after a few tries, I finally got used to the scent and now I love it. So far, so good. I have no stretch marks yet because my bump is still small. They say stretch marks are inherited and my mom had tons of them, so let's see. I'm just happy that my skin is kept moisturized with this belly butter. Happy tummy, happy mommy!

2. Aveeno Baby - To be honest, I only started applying lotion religiously when I arrived here in the U.S. Back in the Philippines, because of the humid weather, I rarely put on lotion. I used extra virgin olive oil all over my body (especially face) in the Philippines, but my skin went dry and flaky when I continued my remedy here so I had no choice but to change it. Now, lotion is a must! My skin easily reacts to a lot of products, especially those with fragrances. It was a trial and error for me until I tried this. It's fragrance free and is not heavy on skin. Yeah, it's designed for babies. haha..I am allergic to the other variants of this brand.

3. Egyptian Magic - This was my life saver after olive oil! Click here for my previous post. It's my daily moisturizer. Today, my face is clear from acne. I still do get occasional zit but it easily dries out. I was actually expecting to break out because I am pregnant. Well, I did break out during the first trimester but the zits eventually went away. I looooove this product!!!!

4. Burt's Bees Brightening Facial Cleanser - It's a cream cleanser! I love the clean and silky feeling it leaves my skin after every use of this product. 

5. St. Ives Apricot Scrub - I've been a fan of St. Ives since college. I tried a lot of facial scrubs but nothing beats this. Oh, now I remember why I broke out during my first trimester. I would say it's because I stopped using the scrub. Before, I was using the one with salicylic acid to combat my acne, but  I had to cutoff that regimen because salicylic acid isn't safe for pregnant. When I gained back my energy brought about by the sudden changes in my body, I went to the nearest department store and purchased another variant of this scrub that's plain. By the way, I only use this twice or thrice a week. 

6. EOS Lip Balm - Lip balm is an essential for me and I just love, love, love EOS!!! It's made with natural and organic ingredients so I know my lips are healthy. Even Bryan uses this. Gotta love the smell too!

7. DoTerra Essential Oils - When my face broke out some years ago, I turned to natural treatment. I threw away all those expensive medications. I did some research and found out that essential oils are beneficial to the skin. My favorite back then, together with extra virgin olive oil was tea tree oil which I bought from Healthy Options. Then just a few weeks ago, I found out that one of my mommy friends here is also an advocate of essential oils. I met with her and purchased these--lavender, melaleuca (tea tree oil), lemon and Deep Blue Rub. These are really potent oils. Unlike other essential oils in the market, these can be ingested (except the Deep Blue Rub), which means they are really safe.
During the first trimester, I slept like more than 16 hours a day. But now, there are times when I have difficulty falling asleep. What I do is to put a drop of lavender on my palm, rub and inhale it. I do this to Bryan too because his normal sleep is disrupted due to his work schedule. 

For the lemon, I put a drop on a glass of water and drink it. It's a potent antioxidant although I don't do this everyday (kasi nakakalimutan ko..hahaha). 

Melaleuca my favorite! This has a lot of health benefits particularly in combating acne--that's why I love it! A week ago, I mixed around 5 drops of this oil to my Egyptian Magic Cream. I felt like a chemist! (I even made my own deodorant recipe using all natural products.) I used it overnight and the next morning, my face was really smooth I swear!! I felt like my face was flawless! hahaha (never mind the acne scars, freckles, pores etc).

Deep Blue Rub is a combination of different oils but it's in a cream form. It's meant for any aches in the body, except emotional heartaches. heehee..Bryan frequently complains of upper and lower backaches so I massage this on his back and it works so well. 

I'd like to add this one too even if it's not under skin care but more on treatment I guess. This is another oil from DoTerra. I always bring this anywhere. It's for my headache. I've been battling with occasional headache for a long time now. Most common culprits are my surging eye grade and really hot weather and before, my menstruation, and now pregnancy. Though my OB told me it's okay to take Tylenol, I don't risk it. So this is my life saver!!! It's a roll on and also a combination of a lot of essential oils.
And I'm done!!!


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