I miss Jericho play this role

A few months ago, we installed The Filipino Channel here at home. So now, the whole household is practically hooked up to almost all shows, including the upsetting teleserye (Filipino series). I wrote here before that I stopped watching teleserye because it stresses me out, but I do watch selected ones when they're about to end--because ending usually means reconciliation, solved problems and most of the time merry making, and the fact that I won't be able to see the show again redeems me. heehee..With the line up of series the t.v station now has, the most irksome for me is The Legal Wife. You see, just by hearing the soundtrack of the show makes me irritated. Whenever someone's watching in the living room, I lock myself in my room so I won't hear anything. But I will not dwell or comment or give my rants on the storyline. 

For now, I want to share my favorite character Jericho Rosales played in all of his Abs-Cbn series, just because I am frustrated with his role for The Legal Wife. It's the show Dahil May Isang Ikaw where he played Miguel, a street child who was adopted by a powerful lady lawyer. Miguel, in turn became  the number one bar top notcher in their batch but was struggling almost his whole life looking for his best friend, Angel, whom he met on the streets when they were kids. Angel was also adopted by a rich family and later changed her name to Ella, played by the ever gorgeous Kristine Hermosa. She became a lawyer too and even ranked second. They became colleagues, call each other Attorney One and Attorney Two, frenemies at first until they realized they were actually the long lost friend of each other, fell in love, got married....alright, I'll stop my story here. I just really, really admire the character of Miguel in this series, and Ella too! 
Atty. Miguel Ramirez (photo from Google Images)
Before Kimerald and Kathniel, there was Echotin, and I am a huge fan of these two! I even follow them on Instagram and it makes me really happy that they are doing so well in their personal lives now. With all the issues they've been in their past, I'm happy to see them live a Christ-centered life today. Andami kong segway diba. Fan na fan talaga ako.hahaha

Anyway, here are some of my favorite scenes from the series.
I'm glad Youtube has these clips. I never get tired of watching these kilig scenes. 

Don't skip 3:39 till the end..In that scene, Miguel is dating Ella's sister, Denise (played by Karylle) and Ella's dating Miguel's brother, Red (played by Sid Lucero).

Then below is the revelation scene. Red knew all along that Ella was Angel and kept it from telling his brother Miguel because he's also in love with Ella.

These two and many many more kilig moments. There was even a scene where Ella was convicted for murder, and Miguel, despite his slurred speech brought about by a gruesome accident went up to his feet to defend his wife.

Jericho is a really good actor, very versatile! He's one of my favorites. Maybe even my favorite among the local stars. But I miss him play the righteous man. I miss his silly yet chivalrous roles. I miss him and Kristine on screen. *sigh*


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