Dressing up while pregnant plus OOTD

I'm writing an outfit post today! I am 21 weeks now. My tummy's growing each day which means I am gaining weight too. My appetite has improved tremendously although there are still some food which I cannot tolerate, but my palate is salivating for Filipino cuisine and tropical fruits (Philippine mangoes, siniguelas, buko juice...grabe!!!!!) 

Here are some of my thoughts in dressing up while pregnant.

> Tank tops - I haven't bought any maternity clothes except for tank tops. The shop that I go to is Liz Lange at Target because it's the nearest store in our house. Maternity tank tops are sooooo comfortable. I can also still wear these tops even after pregnancy.

> Leggings, shorts, pants - I love wearing plain black leggings but I know in the coming weeks, these won't fit my tummy anymore. Same goes with shorts and jeans (but I rarely wear jeans even before pregnancy). I could still button and zip my shorts until my 4th month, but just 2 weeks ago, breathing and some movements were already uncomfortable when my shorts are buttoned. In turn, I had to unbutton and zip them down. No worries though, they don't fall off my legs. Besides maternity tank tops, I think maternity pants, leggings and shorts will be included in my list to buy soon.

> Circle skirt - This type of skirt can be a preggy mama's best friend too. Just go for a gartered waist. In my case, some of my skirts are zipped up but they still fit me, apparently because my bump is still low and I'm still sporting (sort of) my prepregnant waist. 

> Bodycon dresses - Although my tummy's protruding each day, I still wear most of my prepregnant clothes. In fact, this is the time I very much enjoy sporting bodycon jersey and stretch dresses because I love how these pieces embrace and magnify the growing Elijah. To be honest, I started pulling out these dresses from the closet now than when I wasn't pregnant where I kept them hidden. I didn't want to wear them prepregnant because I was too conscious of that pinch of flab in my lower abdomen. I don't wear these all the time though because I still prefer flowy dresses or anything cotton especially that California sun is very much in its peak these days. Napakainit na dito! Empire cut, baby doll, tent and maxi dresses are really comfortable!

> Accessories - Hats and other hair pieces are my favorite accessories. Fancy necklaces and earrings come second (but nothing will ever beat my pearl earrings). Sometimes, I don't accessorize anymore when my outfit is too colorful. 

> Shoes - Flats and sandal thongs are my go-to foot wear now. The heels are currently enjoying their long hiatus in the closet, but I do wear them for my outfit shots (mas maganda kasing tignan). Two inch wedges are okay too. I have a favorite pair now and they're really comfortable.

> Pambahay or House clothes - My house clothes, I believe, will remain the same all throughout pregnancy. I rarely wear shorts at home. White cotton shirts (smallest size from the men's section) and pajamas (Just the pants. I don't like pair jammies) are my official uniform at home every single day.

Here's what I wore today at the church. I got the jumper dress from Xhilaration at Target, chiffon top from Hip Culture (2 years ago in the Philippines), stockings from Ebay, sunnies at Charlotte Russe, shoes from Target

I got that hair accessory from our yesterday's trip at a bazaar in Corona from an old lady. She makes all the accessories herself! Much thanks to my husband who never gets tired of taking my photos.

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