My Top Designers fit for a Bride

Since I got married in 2010, I've been receiving a lot of messages, some of which are from complete strangers, asking for wedding advises, supplier referrals etc. I am not a wedding consultant, neither am an expert, but maybe these women appreciated what I did on my own wedding especially that I was so vocal about it. The main reason why this blog was created was to keep an online journal of my wedding preparations in 2009. Two of my closest friends are getting married soon, thus the frequent exchange of messages. I am flattered that they trust my taste and opinion and hopeful that I could direct them to the right people to suit their needs. Last night, I had a fun conversation with one of them on Facebook (note that we discuss online because of geographical distance). We discussed on wedding designers. At the middle of our conversation, I told her that if I were to marry again (obviously with the same man), this is the only designer I will entrust my gown with. I am just soooo in love with her creation. Then I also gave her a list of my top wedding designers. So without further ado, here are my personal choices of Filipino wedding designers, in no particular order, except for the first one as she's my top choice.
I repeat, these are my personal choices. There are a lot more talented designers out there---really, really good! 

1. Vania Romoff - Clean, Classic, elegant! Goodness! I will say it again. I am so so soooo in love with her creation. She's not into beadwork which I really appreciate. I have bead aversion. heehee..I remember when I met my designer in 2009 and told her, "Kate, I don't want any beads on my wedding gown." She did put minimal beadwork, but I love how it turned out. Sorry for the segway.. As I was saying, she loves working on clean sillhouettes and laces too! Since I won't be a bride anymore, unless Bryan and I decide on a renewal of vows, which is not happening for the next 10 years, I would want to own a VR dress for a cocktail or formal event. 
Real bride wearing VR!

Obviously, the next two photos are not brides, but their gowns are aisle worthy for me. 

* Photos from Vania Romoff's Instagram

2. Boom Sason - sexy, sultry!!! Well, Boom herself owns those adjectives. There's just something about her work which empowers women. Like whoever wears Boom Sason will exude confidence. The assets will just naturally unveil. 

Gotta love the workmanship of this piece!!! I am overusing love in this post. I couldn't think of any word. haha

Again, not a wedding gown, but change the color, add a fabulous fascinator and you're ready to walk down the aisle. I will definitely wear something like this.
* Photos from Boom Sason's Instagram

3. Mich Dulce - A la mode!! She's very versatile. Her personal style, I would say is very pin-up and burlesque but I've seen her works range from a classic vintage to fun and femine to a rocker chic. She studied millinery and corsetry. I'm a fan of hats and corsets, and I mean period corsets. I've always wanted to have that hourglass shape that is brought about by corset training. Think of the Victorian Era, like Rose of Titanic. And hats!!! I will no doubt choose another pillbox hat or fascinator over a veil for a wedding and that is Mich's forte. 
Ciara Sotto's wedding. Look at that waist!!! 
I also love the bridesmaids' dresses!!! Winner!!
* Photos from Mich Dulce's blog

4. Cherry Veric - Edgy! He was a former contender at Project Runway Philippines but I first encountered his creation during the Philippine Fashion Week in 2010. I love how he focuses on details. As I've said, I'm digging into clean silhouettes, but with intricate designs as his, I cannot say no. 

* Photos from Google Images and Cherry Veric's Instagram

5. Cheetah Rivera - Ecclectic! The last two designers are close to my heart because they were my former teachers when I studied at Style and Design Academy and I saw how passionate they are in their chosen field. One of them is Cheetah (which means there's only one left on my list). I've loved Cheetah since her Project Runway days. Remember her finale, The Chase? For some reason, besides the goosebumps, I found myself teary eyed and gasping during the models' walk. She designs from the heart. She loves experimenting and her designs vary. Very avantgarde I would say. 
This was her work way back Project Runway days. Very Alexander McQueen! Remove the cape, the horns and adjust the make-up, the bride who will wear this will definitely turn heads.  

Not something I will wear, but I just want to show you the details.
*Photos from Google Images and Cheetah Rivera's Instagram

6. John Herrera (and a gorgeous wedding purse from his twin, Paul Herrera) - Visionary! There are no restrictions when he designs. In fact, he loves experimenting. From a traditional bridal gown to a red carpet worthy look, he could make any bride look grandiose. 
My personal favorite was the gown of Vanessa Matsunaga. Ah, craftsmanship!!! 

details, details and more details!!!!
*Photos from Bride and Breakfast and John Herrera's Instagram

A beautiful dress always makes a woman confident and beautiful, but the cherry on top here is not the wedding dress but the marriage that was created by God.


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