What I use, What I eat while pregnant

I'm almost 11 weeks today, but in this photo, I am 10 weeks along. I still wear heels occasionally and I make sure to put on the chunky heels or wedge type for sturdier support. Here, I am wearing a dress from a local brand in the Philippines (from Crossings Department Store). Shoes from Mossimo and neck piece from Forever 21. My back is slightly exposed in this dress so I put on a cardigan when I went out of the house. I could have worn the dress alone since it's getting warmer here in California during the day, but I developed some bacne (back acne) due to hormonal surge. It's unsightly to have a glimpse of my back now. *sigh* But the good news is, the zits, including the ones on my face are manageable. I still stick to my usual products. For the face, I am now using Burt's Bees cream cleanser and Egyptian Magic Cream (click this for my previous post). As for my hair, Head and Shoulders is still my choice. However, because the water here is hard, plus the weather, my scalp gets dry and flaky. For that, I rub Virgin Coconut Oil on my scalp and massage it for a quick treatment. And for the body, I still use unscented Dove soap and Aveeno Baby Lotion. My cousin told me to use Bio Oil especially when my tummy starts to grow but I still cannot find one in stores here. Anyway, I'll have a review on that when I find and start using one. 

As for nutrition, I am trying to eat right as much as possible even if I get nauseous with a lot of food (even the ones I love pre pregnant)! You know when they say discipline is doing what you know what needs to be done, even though you don't want to? I am struggling with my eating habits now. My first trimester will be over soon and I didn't even gain a single pound. Little Pearl is very fine, but I'm disciplining myself to only eat quality food, although I still cheat sometimes. So far, here's my list. 

> oatmeal
> cereals
> non fat milk
> yogurt
> almonds
>selected fruits (I said selected because there are some which I cannot tolerate now, like berries.)
> green veggies
> cheese
> lean meats (This is a struggle for me too! I love chicken, but I couldn't take its taste now. It's like a torture, but still, I try to eat--for Little Pearl and for my sake too.)

I'm really hoping to gain back my normal appetite and energy soon. And if I may add, I still manage to workout (cardio and resistance) at least 3 times a week when I have the energy. I used to workout 5 times a week before. I got a go signal from my obstetrician, so no worries. My mommy friends told me second trimester is a lot better! I couldn't wait to see that little bump too. 


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