Pregnancy changes

I'm 12 weeks and 2 days along today! There is, I believe a little bump peeking out but it's not obvious in this photo. It's the skirt I guess. By the way, the shoes are for picture purposes only to make my legs appear longer. I only wore them for less than 5 minutes. I am feeling much better now thank goodness and will blab the changes I went through for the past weeks. 

The very first sign that I felt (and suspected) I was pregnant was some peculiar, consistent cramps. These cramps are different from the usual premenstrual cramps I've had before because they kept me awake at night. Like I was in a deep sleep then suddenly, 'bang'! Then there was excessive sleepiness. I was almost sleeping the whole day. I also felt extra tired. I was not able to do chores at home. Sorry if I had to broadcast this, but even taking a bath for me was an effort. Eating was an effort too! I had to force myself to eat. Sometimes, I even pinch my nose before munching another spoonful of food or gulp milk or fresh fruit juices because I really get nauseous with the smell and taste. Usually, my appetite was lost in the evening so I make sure to eat a lot during the day to compensate. It was also a battle between sleeping and eating, like I am really sleepy, but I need to eat. Note that it's a need, not want. 

My other friends and even some family members asked if I am on a diet because I'm not gaining any weight. So I answer them, "Yes I am on a strict diet because I want to make sure to give proper nutrition to my baby." Even if I am drooling with a presence of chocolate bar or Thai milk tea, I just swallow back my saliva (ewww!) and drink lots of water instead. But yeah, I do have cheat days, only I make sure to eat in moderation. I do it on weekends.

Like this one. We went to San Francisco when I was 6-week-pregnant. One of my favorite spots there is Ghirardelli ice cream parlor, so we still dropped by and ordered my favorite Treasure Island. I can finish this in minutes, but this time, Bryan and I shared one order and I just ate 1/4  (or even less) of it. Para lang matikman. 
 I was most of the time at home too, so when I get the chance to go out, I joke "Oh, so this is what the sun feels like!!" heehee

The first few weeks of my first trimester wasn't kind to my skin too. I broke out again especially on my back, but I noticed that for the past 2 weeks, my skin is clearing up again. I also have skin allergies in between my digits prepregnant for a couple of years now (they appear then disappear depending on the weather or products that I come in contact with), but they started to vanish when I got pregnant. I would like to believe progesterone is doing a good job as an anti-inflammatory.

But the best part is, Little Pearl is growing!!! From a pearl to jelly bean to peanut, Little Pearl has a shape of a baby now. During my last prenatal check up, Little Pearl was moving. I said he/she's somersaulting. Bryan said he/she's dancing. But whatever the baby's doing, we're both happy that he/she's active.


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