8 weeks and 4 days today and my thoughts

It's 5 in the morning here and I am wide awake; so to make up for the unproductive days I had, here I am updating my blog. heehee..I remember the last time I frequently blogged was during my wedding preparations and now that Bryan and I are into this brand new season of our lives, I am more than ecstatic to open my laptop and just write stories away.

I am 8 weeks and 4 days today, based on my last menstrual period. Yehey!!! On our first glimpse, Little Pearl looked like a small sphere. Story's here. Then a week after that, Little Pearl's size doubled. From a sphere, he/she looks like a jelly bean now and about the size of a macaroni.

This is the photo I posted on Instagram the other day.

Now this photo will summarize what I've been to for the past weeks. I was most of the time lying on bed. I feel really sluggish and tired and almost always sleepy. There are times when I am nauseous and I feel really sick. I don't have morning sickness, but an afternoon/night sickness. The thing I cannot tolerate though is headache. As much as I would want to take Tylenol for headache, I opt for natural remedies. Prayer helps too! I cannot do so much chores unlike before that's why I am really embracing this unusual excess energy that I have today to make up for the previous days. And food! I am so picky for the past weeks. Just the sight of fish and chicken make me nauseous and lose my appetite. I even lost a pound or 2. And there goes my bionic, super saiyan sense of smell. I could smell Peewee's poop (our dog) 2 meters away and many more instances.

Going back to the photo...Bryan was doing almost all the chores now and I feel guilty. I feel like I'm not being fair with him. He provides for us (me and the baby), goes home at dawn from his work, yet he would still do the laundry, wash the dishes, buy food for us and many more. Few days ago, he dragged me to the dining table and showed me these fruits and veggies. He wants me to start juicing again because I stopped since I became a picky eater. He said it's his honor to take care of me and the baby, that I should not feel guilty about not doing chores at home and that I'm doing the right thing when I oversleep and rest. He said I'm just being a good mom and even encourages me to rest more. He even said I'm blooming even if I'm in my pajamas the whole day with an uncombed hair. The Bible says that he who finds a wife, finds a favor from the Lord, but I would say that I also find favor from the Lord through my husband. This is yet another discovery in our marriage since I had no idea how my husband will respond when we conceived. And isn't it what makes marriage beautiful? That you could give, give and give some more without asking anything in return. We love you, daddy! Little Pearl and I are beyond blessed to see you grow in love with our Lord everyday through your love to us.  :)

P.S: A lot of people are asking me kung may pinaglilihian daw ba ako? Food wise? None..But I just figured out I am so much fond of Bryan for the past weeks. I love pinching and squeezing and mashing his arms, belly and face. Being the smart guy he is, he would suddenly turn his back on me so I could instead attack his back. In turn, the pinching and squeezing and mashing become a soothing massage. haha..Well then, it's a win win for the both of us.


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