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Matthew 6:33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

As I was scribbling my faith goals for 2014, I browsed my notebook and did a quick check on what I wrote a year ago. I was most of the time aware of these things, but still left me with awe! Can I make a little chika per goal?

1. Savings - It's been two years since I started putting my money to good use. Click here for the story. With this, I included my financial goal for 2013. I wasn't expecting to reach my desired savings last year because I stopped generating income since April 2013 (I stopped working and very much dependent with Bryan now), but surprisingly, I reached it. Now I just have to maintain it, and try to simplify things more. By the way, this savings I'm talking about is for my retirement. It's off limits for 20 years. :)

2. Fashion Career - I was able to finish 2 courses at Style and Design Academy. During the first quarter, I had some clients who ordered clothes from my first collection. That was one bold dream in 2012! Later on, my highschool best friend got married and I volunteered to make her entourage's dresses. I did some styling stints too--for free of course, but they meant a lot! 
I'm so flattered to see this gorgeous lady, a style blogger in my creation. heehee..kinikilig ako!! Go check her blog here. 
These are my beautiful faculty friends. We ushered at a university event earlier last year. 
The entourage of my best friend last June. 
Then some styling.....
Photo by RV Mitra..My friends, Chookie and Jay during their engagement shoot.

My best friend's engagement shoot! The mustard cape and yellow dress were my own creation. 
3. Bigger Blog - Since last year, my viewers were up to 3000-4000 a month. Knowing the beginnings of this blog, I wasn't even aware other people read it. Most of them come from Philippines and USA. It started as a rant blog, an everyday blog, a nonsense blog. Then I started documenting my wedding, other places and things that are worth reading. Just last year, it became an inspirational blog. It surprises me whenever I receive an unexpected message from someone who encourages me to write more. 

4. Acne Free Skin - My face is not entirely acne free, but it has improved tremendously. I now stick with natural and organic skin care. Here's my story. This is part of my "simplifying things" for 2013 onwards.

5. Healthy Living - Part of my face clearing up from acne was because I became more aware of what I eat. I am happy to say that during the last quarter of 2013, I started juicing and my cravings for chocolates and chips were very minimal. I said minimal because I still look for them once in a while, like twice a month? My workout was maintained to 4-5 times a week. 
This is now part of our everyday diet. The fruits and veggies are staples in the kitchen too! It includes cucumber, celery, apple, orange, lemon and ginger. 
6. Travel - I was able to visit Bohol and Cebu last year. When I arrived here, Bryan and I had trips to Las Vegas, a glimpse of Arizona and some parts of California--San Francisco, Napa Valley, Solvang in Santa Barbara, San Diego, Hollywood and many more! I look forward to more places to explore this year, hopefully out of state.  
In front of Coronado Hotel in San Diego 
Somewhere in San Francisco
We were at two places at the same time--Nevada and Arizona! 
Napa Valley
A view of Las Vegas from our room.
San Francisco! 
7. Together forever with Bryan - This was really a dream come true! A leap of faith! A bold, answered prayer! This was God working in our lives and we saw the miracle happen right in front of our eyes. I will never forget that moment! Story's here.

8. Joy and Contentment - This deserves a solo blog post. Last year, my relationship with God was renewed. He revealed Himself to me in ways I cannot even imagine. He's just so amazing, so beautiful. He's the perfect Daddy! Happiness can be found anywhere, only it's temporary. But real joy comes from Him and Him alone, and joy leads to contentment. 

I posted this on Instagram last May. Words are not enough to describe this experience and I will never ever exchange this for anything else. Side story: In 2013, my sister Bhim wrote in her faith goals about me attending the Victory Weekend. I never prayed for Victory Weekend but see how God works? :)
That pretty much sums up my 2013 and I'm so excited what our Father in heaven has in store for all of us this year. 


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