Universal Studios

Here's a photo diary of our little trip to Universal Studios. This jaunt was actually unplanned. Bryan and I went to the birthday buffet treat of one of his friends so we decided to drop by Universal Studios Hollywood. The best part is, it's only a 30-minute ride from home! Initial payment of the ticket is fancy, at least for me, at $84 per person. But the good news is, the ticket is good for one year except on specific holidays. Not bad at all right? We can go there anytime until next year!! Yehey!!!! 

throwback: Two years ago, my cousin and I went to Singapore, but failed to visit Universal Studios Sentosa because we ran out of tickets. Click here for the story. So you can imagine my delight when Bryan took me to Universal Studios Hollywood with very few people around. 
We entered the amusement park in a cloudy, chilly, Friday afternoon. I love that kind of weather! No need for an umbrella. 

This was my first photo! heehee..Look closely, the man looks like the late Fernando Poe Jr. Initially, the man was sitting at the corner with cross legs and left hand extended. I went to sit on the other end to imitate his pose when he suddenly lunged forward, grabbed my shoulder and smiled for the camera. I freaked out because I thought "it" was a statue. He got me there!
Bryan was my tour guide. In this photo, he said "Stand here", while pointing on the spot where I stood. I asked him "Why here?" and he answered "So you'll have the best pose with Kingkong." hahaha
We were so thrilled upon seeing Mr. Bean's green car. We're fans! 
It's not Halloween anymore, but Frankie's still working his charms. I was staring at his hands. I'm not sure if they're fake, but looking at this photo again, I think they're not. Really huge hands! And he's wearing 6-inch platform shoes. 
Then there's Homer and Marge. Marge was naughty. She pulled my beanie once over my face then made a laughing gesture. 
And here was my favorite spot that day! Old Paris!
He's waiting in vain!
Love this photo of him! I took it, obviously. 
I was running and hopping all over this place, and even dancing. 
There is a castle on a cloud. I like to go there in my sleep...For some reason, this photo reminds me of Cosette from Les Miserables. 
So proud to say that most of what I wore here are Philippine made. 
Where art thou Bryan? 
Mandatory photo op with the Christmas Tree!! 
Bryan and I also went for some rides. I particularly loved The Mummy and Transformers. The Mummy was a bit scary. I was shouting from the middle until the end of the ride while Bryan was laughing at me. Oh well! I was clinging to him the whole time. The Transformers was 3D. I love, love the effects! I really felt I was one of them. 
Next time, we'll make sure to go there much earlier so we'll have the whole day to tour around, and on a weekday! 


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