The Gift and Book

Gary Chapman is one of my favorite authors on relationships. I blogged about him last month (click this). He authored a lot of books and I've been meaning to get "The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional", but I always end up buying other books. I have daily devotionals from Joyce Meyer and Greg Laurie anyway. 

Yesterday noon, while I was preparing lunch, Bryan went to our front yard to gather mails and returned inside the house with a package.

Puzzled, he said "It's from Judette." Judette was one of my closest friends in college. She's in U.K now, but we still communicate regularly. 
Attached was a short, heartfelt message.  I never knew about the inspiration thing. And coming from a really close friend? Wow and awwww!!! I'm really flattered! 
Bryan wants to put the gift under the Christmas tree and wait until Christmas Eve, but knowing me, I couldn't wait any longer. I was screeching, "Let me guess. It's a book! It's a book!!" as I delightedly ripped off the wrapper. I became more excited when I saw the title. It's the book that I wanted for so long!!!! 

Few weeks ago, Judette asked me through Viber if I highly recommend Gary Chapman's books as gifts to her friends. Little did I know that "the friends" was me. She even managed to ask my address without me probing. But the best part was, I never told Judette how much I love to get this book. Out of more than 15 books to choose from, she picked it.

I remember reading this word the day before the book arrived. 

For nothing is impossible with God

-Luke 1:37

Our ways and means may be limited, but God's are limitless and overflowing (liglig, siksik at umaapaw!!). We never know blessings are coming our way. He could choose anyone and plant every opportunity to bless us. In this case, He used the kindness and thoughtfulness of my friend to bless me and Bryan.  :) 


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