Surprise, Dad!!

A year ago, my sister Bim, dad and I conspired to surprise mom for their 30th wedding anniversary. Click here for the story. That was really heartwarming! This year, my older sister, Ate Boom, who's based in Dubai connived with everyone to surprise dad in the airport. She's coming home for Christmas!! The press release was that a friend of hers is coming home in the Philippines and they have to meet her urgently at the airport to pick up the package Ate Boom sent because she's still going home in Cebu.

Here's his reaction. Bim was laughing from the background. I watched this several times and couldn't contain my giggles. Note that my dad's speaking our dialect. He said "That was Boom Boom. That's your sister!...You said...." 

Awww, I miss everyone back home!! The birth our Saviour is truly the happiest day of the year. 


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