DIY Mickey and Minnie Mouse Costume

Two weeks ago, the Christmas party that Bryan and I attended required us to portray any Disney character. Halloween may be over, but we're only starting to find something to wear for the event. My only rule for this is we should not splurge on a costume if we'll wear it only once. I ransacked our closet to look for clothes that we could modify into an acceptable Disney ensemble. Initially, I thought of a do-it-yourself Peter Pan costume for Bryan and a Nutcracker attire for me since I have a red coat. 

I thought this was easy. All I need is a plain green shirt and scissors to achieve the forever young's shirt. And instead of a green tights or leggings, Bryan could wear his fitted brown pants instead. Then we could buy that green Santa hat (I saw one at Dollar Tree) and convert it to Peter Pan's hat. I was suppose to say, an elf's hat, but Peter is not an elf...right? Now I'm confused! 
Mickey's costume here is also easy! But then, I thought that maybe Bryan and I could dress as a pair. Mickey and Minnie Mouse slipped my mind with a light bulb. Ting, ting, ting, ting!!!! 
I asked Bryan.
"You have a pair of red shorts right?" 
"How about a fitted, plain, black long-sleeves?"
"I have that too!" 
"Alright, we will be Mickey and Minnie Mouse!"
This was our peg, without the balloons. We were running out of time, like two days left. We were able to buy gloves at Target and they made our hands look huge, so they're perfect! And Bryan still use them when he drives at night because the weather here now is really chilly!  
The most tedious task here are the headbands. Bryan and I even went to Disney stores but there's no Mickey/Minnie headbands, so I decided to just make our own. 
Note that I'm not really good at giving instructions, but I'll provide some photos. 

Make the pattern for ears first. Get any round material depending on how big or small you want the ears to appear. In my case, I took this Lock and Lock container from the kitchen and used it for the ear's pattern.
Get a carton box or any hard paper material that you could cut.
Draw 2 parallel circles, around 4 inches apart from each other.
Connect them from the middle, around 1-1 1/2 inches
The pattern should look like this.
Get a black card board, trace 4 pieces and cut them
Now for the headband. I found this on Target, at 1 dollar each. I was looking for the plain ones, black specifically, but there's none, so I took these home instead.  

Since the headbands I bought have different colors, I had to cover them with black fabric. I used black ribbon on the first one, but gosh, it took me forever to finish one since the ribbons are thin (and I'm running out of time. It's already 4pm at this time and we should be at the event at 6.) 

For the black fabric, I once again explored Bryan's closet and snagged an overused shirt.
Cut the shirt or any fabric into long strips (around 1 inch width) and cover the whole headband. Stick the edges, or whatever exposed parts there are using glue gun--with glue stick of course! 
Now for the last part!! Yehey!!!!
Get one pattern of the ear, with the rectangular part parallel to the headband, then put the circles together, as if mirroring each other. Trim the edges so the ear looks equal and flawless. And one ear is done! Do the rest of the ears. 

For Minnie's ears, there has to be a ribbon--a red polka dot ribbon, but our dog, Peewee chomped the red ribbon I bought. The most acceptable I could find in the house was the belt of my robe.Yeah, you read that right, I was desperate. I cut around inches off my robe's belt, made a ribbon and donned it in between Minnie's ears.  No worries, I could still use the belt. 
And there you have it. The most famous Mouses's ears! :)
And here we are at the event. It's almost time to go home at this point, so you could see the falling dots on my skirt. We don't have yellow shoes though, but we won Best in Costume for the pair category. Yey!!!

Here we are with Ate Gretch, who also won Best in Costume, individual category. She was Princess Jasmine! Look at the hair!  

                                          Bryan was so game! Still looking fresh here!  

                                        And his Minne Mouse! That was definitely a fun, fun night! 


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