Pesto Almond Pasta Recipe

Today's post is a bit tweaked from the usual as I'm sharing you my pasta recipe. I love pesto and white sauce pasta but I find pesto-based pasta healthier so I'm hooking into it now. My friend, Anna shared her Tuna Pesto in Fettuccine recipe with me two years ago and it was a hit. Everybody loved it! It's packed with antioxidants too with all the colorful veggies in it. Few weeks ago, I ordered Pesto Pasta when we dined at Stone Fire Grill. It was really plain but it was so delicious! I finished the whole thing.
Stone Fire's Pesto Pasta
In our next grocery shopping, I gathered all the needed ingredients. This is so easy to prepare for only 30 minutes or less.

a clove of garlic, almonds, Nestle Cream, Parmesan cheese, fresh basil leaves and penne (it's up to you what kind of pasta you want to use) 

Prepare pasta based on instructions. Drain when cooked and set aside.
Saute garlic in olive oil until it becomes light brown.
Crushed some almonds. In my case, I used 40 pieces. I particularly love the Magic Bullet because it does most of the job in the kitchen, and saves time too. 
Add the pulverized almonds. I used almonds instead of pine nuts. From what I observed, almonds give an aromatic scent. Bryan should be going straight to the kitchen right now because this smells really good! Gastric juices are activated at this time. :)
This is Magic Bullet in the works! 
Add the pureed basil.  It's up to you how much basil you want to use. I put a little bit of water to puree it, but olive oil could also be used. 
You should see a moss green consistency. If it gets a dry, you can put more olive oil.
Add Nestle Cream (just the small one).
and observe a lighter green consistency..
Start mixing the penne (or whatever pasta you have) evenly.
Put the pasta in a clean bowl, add some Parmesan Cheese on top.
Serve with roasted chicken (para healthy!) or garlic bread but I really miss Pan De Manila's Cheese Sticks! Or just eat it alone. 
This recipe could serve 6-8 people. Enjoy!!! 

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