I'm 29

I'm 29 this month!! This is a late post since my birthday was on October 9, but I want to share you what happened that day. My birthday this year was extra, extra special because I celebrated it with my husband. The last time we were together on my birthday was I in 2007 (awwww!! I know right?). We woke up early that day and I loved the cool weather!! It's the first drizzle I experienced since I got here three months ago.
To start the day right, I went straight to the kitchen to juice some fruits and veggies.
....and prepared three glasses--for me, Bryan and my mom-in-law..Yumyumyum!!!
I've been juicing for weeks now but that's another story. 
It was a cloudy day!!! We had a hearty breakfast at Marie Callender courtesy of mama.  
As our table was cleared up, three staff of the diner approached us with their signature muffin and a lighted candle as they started singing a Happy Birthday song for me. Blood rushed through my face again. I was a bit embarrassed as we caught other customers' attention. 
He wanted to treat me at the salon for a whole body pampering, but I refused so he brought me shopping instead. heehee..I was able to buy two dresses and a pair of shoes, things that I really need since I left a lot of my stuff in the Philippines. We were practically out the whole day and just went home in time for our dinner date. Yihee!!!  
I call this our Sons of Anarchy inspired outfits. Actually, it's just the jackets. Leather jackets remind me of bikers. Bryan took me at the Cast Away restaurant. The concept is basically from a wrecked ship which kind of reminds me of Noah's Ark, especially that it's situated on top of the hill. The downtown city was breathtaking at night although we only spent around 10 minutes outside because it was too chilly and I started quaking.
Let's get back to business.  The place itself is beautiful but we basically went there for the food. I mean, who doesn't love good food?!! 
I'm not a fan of wines, or any alcoholic drink, but we tried this anyway. It's too strong for me. There's one wine that I love though (Stella Rosa's semi-sweet wine) but it's not available at Cast Away. 
That's Ahi Tuna Tartar and a pumpkin-based soup
Fillet Mignon for me (top) and Grilled Lamb Chops for Bryan..Dinner was so good!!! We were so full there's no space for dessert anymore. 
And we went home happy and in love, just like the old days. It's the last year in my 20's but I'm more excited next year when I turn 30. Last year, I prayed and claimed that my husband and I will be together on my 29th birthday. Even if I thought it was impossible, I prayed for it anyway and guess what? God granted my bold prayer earlier than I expected. 
I blew another cake when we got home and got this super cute birthday card from my brother and sister-in-law. They are so sweet!!!

Inside was their message and an Amazon gift card so I'll have the freedom to buy whatever I want. Guess what I bought?
I had the urge to buy more but I'm out of budget already. hahaha..I was excited when the package arrived. Bryan and  I were once talking about changing preferences while aging. Like in this case,  I chose to buy books over clothes and shoes. This is just one example though. Let's talk about the other changes some other time. So there you go guys!! A glimpse of that wonderful day. 

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