Acne Problem and Solution

I started breaking out when I was a junior in high school and since then, acne has become my "pet". It fell in love with me so much that it never wanted to leave my face! Ugh!! Believe me when I say I tried everything just to cure it---Proactiv, Obagi, NuDerm, Isotretinoin, Salicylic Acid. Name it, I've done it. For a couple of months, these chemicals seemed responding well, but after that, they developed a rebound effect on my skin. My face was always red, it looked so angry and unhealthy. 

Luckily in 2009, my face started to clear up just in time for my wedding. I know I was made up here, but I swear this was my zit free year, and it lasted for the whole 2010. 2011 came when I started to notice small bumps on my jaw line. They weren't obvious though, but enough to cause me anxiety. This was the time I spent a lot of fortune on my face--and I mean a lot! I went to the dermatologist almost every week for treatment, plus the maintenance.  If only I invested those bucks in the stock market. Tsk,tsk..Yeah, I feel a bit regretful now, but I learned--a lot.
Then 2012 came. This was the worst year of my face---ACNE IN ALL ITS GLORY!!! The fact that I was assigned to a government hospital in Binondo for the RLE of my students worsen my condition with all the pollution and stress I'd been to. 

This was in July 2012. The only spared parts were my cheekbones, nose and chin. The rest? You may check on my forehead for reference. Konti pa lang ito. The plague went down to my neck! 
September of that year was the start of my chemical -free regimen. I threw all these stuff! I was so desperate that I purchased a book online about natural treatment for acne and it perfectly made sense! You may search George McCumiskey on the web. He authored that book. 

I initially used coconut oil on my face but felt like it didn't help much so I switched to organic extra virgin olive oil. I found this brand in Healthy Options. Extra virgin olive oil is much better because it's first cold pressed from olives, which means it's packed with antioxidants and nutrients. Olive oil is also biblical. One of the most beautiful characters of the Bible, Queen Esther, used olive oil as her beauty regimen. So yeah, I feel like I'm as beautiful as Esther whenever I apply this oil on my face. This worked wonders, I swear. It didn't work overnight, but it significantly improved my complexion and eventually terminated my breakout. 

I bought a bottle with me when I arrived here in the U.S four months ago, but unfortunately, I broke out again. During my first three weeks here, I had an extreme adjustment--jet lag, dry skin, breakout, flaky scalp, loss of appetite, stomach upset. I even went down to 96 lbs.  I assumed the breakout was because of dry skin so I had to find another moisturizer until I stumbled upon Egyptian Magic Cream
I saw this once at Watson's Drugstore and almost bought it (I thought it was some cheap Asian pearl cream), until I chanced upon it again while Bryan and I shopped at Costco.  I had nothing to lose,  just a few bucks so I gave it a try, and it's all natural with only few ingredients including olive oil. I started using it in August. The 2oz was good for 2 months.  After a while....
This was taken 3 weeks ago. Disclaimer though, I was wearing mineral foundation here. 
I just took this photo now. Totally bare!! It took a lot of courage before I decided to upload this. I still breakout occasionally, especially before my period so that explains the bumps on my forehead. Anyhow, I think I found the perfect cream!! I love, love this! It's an all purpose cream too! 


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