Oh my gee, I can cook and many more!!

When I said my vows to Bryan in 2010, there's one thing I missed. I deliberately missed it, and now I wished I said it. But I'm writing it now. It's not only during the wedding ceremony I could make promises anyway.  I should have said, "I don't know how to become a wife, but with God's grace, I will be the best wife you'll ever have. I hope you got that little humor on the last part about being the best wife. He has no choice! heehee

Seriously, I really don't have any idea how to become a wife. You know our long-distance-love-affair story. In a span of 3 years, Bryan and I were only together for less than a year, maybe even less than 6 months. He goes home once or twice a year, with a maximum of 3-week stay. Back in the Philippines, I rarely cook, do the laundry, clean the house yadda yadda, because we have a helper. Now that I'm here in the U.S with him, I have to do my wife duties. But how and where do I start?!?

Serving my husband is one way of showing my love to him. His work is stressful. I remember when we're not together yet and while we talk on Skype one afternoon, he was a bit bothered because his uniforms were not washed yet and he has to work the next day.  I wanted to help, but what can I do? It pains me that I can't help him at all. So now that I'm here, in less than 3 months, I am in awe  on how I could juggle things up. I'm not working yet, so that makes me a full time housewife. 

Laundry is not a problem because we have a heavy duty washer and dryer here. Hindi pala uso dito ang nagsasampay ng damit sa labas. Hurray for that! I do it once a week only. Ironing is not a problem too. I have to thank my professor at Style and Design Academy for teaching me how to properly press clothes, although it's a bit of struggle without the steamer (Bryan broke it.). But I found a way to minimize the ironing workload. Once the clothes are dry and still warm from the dryer, I fold them right away and use my palms to flatten the creases. It works! Cleaning the house is not also a problem. If I could only add Major in House Keeping at the end of my name, I will.  :P

Cooking is a big challenge for me. I cook occasionally while still in Pinas. It was a hit or miss. Once I cooked Caldereta. The sauce was too viscous so I added more water. Then it tasted bland so I put more salt. It became saltier so I added more water and you could guess how the story ended. I fed our whole barangay with the "soup" I made.

For the past 2 months, I was able to cook these. These are just some. I mostly prepare chicken and fish. I don't eat pork anymore and I'm glad my in-laws (mom, sister, brother) are not fans of pork too! Clockwise: Chicken Broccoli (duh, obviously), Fish Pinangat, Chicken Curry and my very own Chicken Risotto (I have to make it more appealing though. Bryan suggested I put chopped spring onions and red bell peppers on top.)

I prepared this salad as Bryan's packed lunch 3 days ago. It's a no brainer I know, but the dressing (Strawberry Vinaigrette) is my own and all natural too! It's refreshing! :)

Spinach, strawberries, blueberries, pears, grapes and crushed almonds. This is perfect with grilled chicken for protein. I used Parmesan for the cheese (coz it's the only available in the kitchen) but Feta and Bleu cheese are perfect too. 

Here is my best recipe so far: BIBIMBAP!!! Disclaimer: I don't know how to prepare Kimchi so I just purchased a pack from a local Korean store. I included bean sprouts, carrots, kimchi, spinach and eggs. Yumyumyum!! 

Back in the Philippines, I spend around 3 hours in the kitchen preparing everything. Now, I could cook in less than an hour. But the best part is, my husband appreciates it so much, at the same time, I'm assured he eats good food. He feels loved and cared for. And everyday, I experience God's grace first hand. He is with me in my journey with Bryan. We are three in this journey. When I secure a job, have a baby in the future and do other things, I shall not worry because my limits are my Provider's way of showing his limitless glory. 

His words to ponder today: 
2 Corinthians 12:9 But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.


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  1. Wow, thats a nice transformation, at least you exert effort doing your part as the Godly wife. How I wish I could be that kind of woman when I get married.

    1. Thank you, Zelmarq! Of course you can, maybe even better. :)


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