Is anything too hard for the Lord?

Every Christian should find a church where their relationship with God will grow day by day. I found that in Victory U-Belt while I was still in the Philippines. So for the longest time, besides my desire to be with my husband and end our long distance love affair, I also prayed that God will provide me a church when I live in the U.S. I specifically prayed he'll provide an Every Nation Church. I checked on Every Nation's website and clicked the churches in California. I was a bit disappointed when I realized that the churches were too far from where I reside, so for the first few months that I was here, I replenished myself spiritually via podcast while I look for other churches and pray even more. Two months later, while reading the Scripture, I felt like browsing Every Nation's website again. As I clicked on "California", my eyes were glued on California, Van Nuys. I wasn't really good at places. I actually have a poor sense of direction, but I was so sure I've been to that place before. Pinasyal na nila ako doon! When my husband went home from work, I asked him how far Van Nuys is and he casually said, "That's about 20 minutes from here."
I was overjoyed at that moment, it was so surreal. I knew from that moment my prayer was answered--Morning Star Church is my new home. 

A week after, I went there for a regular Sunday service. It only has one session so I arrived earlier. During praise and worship, tears started flowing down my cheeks. I didn't care if other people see me cry. They were tears of joy. It was pure bliss, not to mention that the environment is very U-Belt. 
The man wearing beige coat on the right most part is our pastor, Dave Polus. 
This was what I wore that day. I know, this seems like a sudden change of topic. How in the world is an outfit of the day connected to my prayers? I'll make my point in a while. :)
I stayed at the lobby for a while to claim my freebie as a first time attendee when a lady approached me because she thought I looked so cute in my outfit. She started introducing herself and her other friends to me. They were all married. At that point, I remembered my other prayer--I prayed that God will provide me humble mommy friends in Christ. Friends, I have small group na! :)

Let me share with you a beautiful friendship story of my sister, Bhim and her friend, Mio. You may read the story here. (click the link) They call each other soulmate. At one point, I felt a pang of envy because I also want a "Mio" in my life. It's a godly envy naman diba, so I prayed for it too

Our series in the church now is called "Scary Supernatural Prayers". Very timely for the Halloween! heehee..Last Sunday at the church, Pastor Dave asked us to find a prayer partner among the attendees. A lady tapped my shoulder, said hi and hugged me. It was so warm and inviting, I felt like I've known her for years. She's a Filipina. We introduced ourselves quickly to each other, then she shared God's word to her that day. It's from Joshua 1--Be strong and courageous! It was exactly what I needed that day. I shared a glimpse of my life to her and we prayed together. Earlier this evening, she called me up, had a little chat and prayed again over the phone. I know this is the start of a beautiful, godly friendship. I know I found my "Mio". Best of all, I know that God is working in my life. 

The blog's title is from Genesis 18:14. Nothing is too hard for the Lord! He is already perfecting things in our favor. He will use the right people, the right place and the right time to answer the desires of our hearts. Just pray, and pray and pray. :)


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