No more distant wife...finally!!!

Exactly twenty days ago, I was sitting comfortably on a cold stainless bench in my black, cotton spandex, long sleeves top, a pair of dark jeggings, my neck clad in an animal print scarf and my feet cozily protected in my walking shoes. I was at NAIA Terminal 2 waiting for boarding. My personal bag and another hand carry were a bit heavy. I should have followed Bryan's instructions when he told me few weeks ago to pack light. It wasn't my first time to travel internationally, although  this time, I'm going as a permanent resident so I had to bring lots of stuff. In fact, I actually gave away 3/4 of my belongings and my room back home was cleared and ready for occupancy. haha (please allow me to write in present tense)

I am usually impatient when I have to wait for long hours, but now, I don't mind at all. As I was observing other passengers, I couldn't help but look back and be grateful. The feeling is just so overwhelming that finally, after 8 years and in less than a day, our LDLA a.k.a long-distance-love-affair will be over. I am still amaze when I think about it. 8 years is no joke. Bryan and I could have chosen other paths. We could have vouched convenience over this "Skype/Yahoo Messenger/Phone Card/Globe roaming/Chikka/See-you-in-one-year/Let's seize every moment for 2 weeks yada, yada" relationship. Despite the distance, we chose to be together, we chose to love each other and we could not have done this without the grace of God. My heart right now is so overwhelmed, I thought I was dreaming. For the past months, I lived in these words,

Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4
God's will is always good, pleasing and perfect. Romans 12:2

Years ago, Bryan and I were so eager to be together that we took our own will. During that time, our only way to be together was for me to get a U.S visa. Would you believe that I've tried to secure a visa thrice? Yes, thrice! And I always end up brokenhearted. I hated the U.S Embassy. I never wanted to see that structure again, even to just pass Roxas Blvd hurts. It was so painful, like my dreams were shattered. But sooner, I realized that God has a much better plan for us. He taught us a lot of things, starting from patience. With the series of events, you would noticed how impatient I was. And so he gave me a teaching job, which I could value patience more, plus, he prolonged my stay in the Philippines. More patience! Being the forever shy girl, I had to fight it during lectures and develop my communication skills. Why? Because U.S is a much bigger and diverse place. He's just preparing me to another phase in my life. Best of all, I realized that God wanted me to have a strong foundation of his word, that not even multiple storms could shake it. He wanted me to cling to him all the more when I felt lonely, because it's only him who could complete me. And because he completes me, the more love I could give to my husband. When I recognized all these things, he just snapped his fingers and my papers were suddenly ready. Just like that! 

Back to the airport....
The plane ride was so smooth, no hassles! I watched one Pinoy movie then slept the whole time. I was fidgeting as we were nearing LAX. I even timed my rest room sessions so I won't interfere with the other passengers. Alas, it's LAX touchdown! After all the interviews, the last immigration officer gleefully said "Malagu, puntalan mu ne ing asawa mu." (Pretty, you may now go see your husband). He's a fellow Kapampangan. I almost hugged him! Then the most difficult part came--how to grab my luggages from the carousel. It took 3 lapses before I was able to snatched my things, and I thank my months of core workout for that. 
Finally, I got a glimpse of a long queue about more than 8 feet right above where I was pushing my cart until I saw two familiar faces--my cousin, Mark and my husband, Bryan. They're all smiles. I felt my heart throbbed faster with my grin up to my ears, oh no, up to my head!  I was so sure I looked so silly! 

The photo's a bit blurry, but you could see me grinning! My cousins, uncle and husband were waiting at the queue and started snapping photos when they saw me.  
I was so overwhelmed that I started to cry. It's been more than 8 years since I last saw my uncle and cousin. 
My cousin and adopted baby brother, so grown up now. 
and finally!!! I was floating! I couldn't keep my eyes off him. haha
He surprised me with a bouquet of flowers, plus a huge box of strawberries which I almost sat on the passenger's seat. 

and a blueberry cheesecake welcome especially made by my sister-in-law...
No more "Leaving on a Jetplane", no more "Makita kang Muli", no more "Jetlagged Heart" moments. I am home finally, because home is where your heart is, honey! I'm a distant wife no more! I'm ready to face the world with you. 


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  1. Hi Ethel,

    It's good to know you are now with your hubby. I've been silently following your blog since 2011. If I'm not mistaken, we were even classmates at UST grad school with Doc Allan for Research Methodology.

    I hope all is well with you and your family. Happy New Year! :)


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