My Bestfriend's Wedding

This is a photo of me and my best friend, Katreen at her civil wedding last year. This was short noticed because she just sent me an SMS the day before the event that I had to urgently hire a car from Manila to Pampanga (I don't have a car and I don't know how to drive.) to be on time.
On the left was a photo of us three years ago on my wedding, her as my bridesmaid. The right photo was obviously her wedding just last Sunday, with me as her matron of honor (fyi: maid of honor is for single women, while matron of honor is for married women) She's 5 months pregnant, but her gown made an illusion of covering her big tummy. When she told me about her church wedding, I had this desire in my heart to make the dresses for her bridesmaids. I can't let go weddings, I just had to be part of it, especially people closest to my heart. She said no the first time!! Haha..nakakahiya daw sa akin. I had to nag her to make her say yes. I asked her the basics- motif or theme if ever there is. She chose the rich spring colors of fuschia and tangerine and this vision came to mind.

For someone who only knows how to draw stick man, this sketch is already an upgrade for me. My apologize though for I am still in the process of learning. I thought of fairies, flower crowns, flowy dresses. My best friend only chose one design for her bridesmaids which made my task a lot easier.  
Obligatory outfit post: Dress by me (It's still wearable on other occasions.  I could even wear this when I get pregnant.); The flower crown was made by my cousin, Ren. Hair and make-up by my sister, Bhim. Side story: My cousin made flower crowns just like mine for the bridesmaids, and I delivered them a week before the wedding. My preggy, forgetful (blame it to the hormones)  bestie used them as props for their prenup video and unfortunately (big sigh), forgot to bring them home. So in the end, she just asked her florist to make headdresses for the bridesmaids, while I still wore the "original" flower crown.

The entourage! I'm so happy when I finally saw them wearing me. Ehem! My anxiety disappeared! Hooray for that!  This is what I love doing. God is just so faithful for He let me be part of the wedding team of one of the special people in my life, and I know this is only the beginning. I still have my sisters, my other closest friends and future clients who will place their trust in me. Future clients make me shiver, but I know God's grace will always be with me. 
I'd like to also share my message to the couple during that night. 

Katreen and I were classmates when we were 12, and since then we became best friends. Three years ago, when I got married and she was one of my maids of honor (I had two.), that was the time I've seen her so happy. Of course she's very happy for me, but I saw something else behind that happiness, behind that smile.  What I saw in her eyes during that time was hope, and from then I told myself, "Ah I knew it, she'll never be an old maid." 
You know guys, you are not here today because of coincidence. I believe that God was the one who planted those desires in your hearts to be one together because He wants to use you to become stewards of his creation, especially now that you are expecting my inaanak. In my three years of marriage, I realized that it does not promise a happily ever after, because our life in not a fairy tale. What you have though is a beautiful tale from God. God never promised you a storm-free life, but as long as you cling and depend on him, he promises a storm-proof life. If you do it your will, nothing will happen, but if you do it God's will, it will always be good, pleasing and perfect. 
So guys, respect and honor each other. And bespren, I know that I love you, but starting today, you have to submit your life to your husband. Submit, submit, submit. Because when you submit, you're going to have a peaceful home. Pray together day and night, pray for each other and realize that there is someone out there who could love you more than your spouse. It is God. When you know that God's love for you is overflowing, your heart overflows with love too toward your spouse. 

This is why I love weddings. It is not just a promise to our spouses, but a promise to God and allowing Him to use us for the glory of his kingdom. Thank you, Lord God for beautiful weddings. :)


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  1. Ganda!! It is simple but elegant..having a touch of flower crown, it was fab..Congrats!! Good luck to your future clients and God bless.. :)

    1. Thank you, Claud! I appreciate your comment. God bless you too! :)


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