Loving Bohol

From Cebu, I am now here in Bohol. What can I say? I am in love with Bohol!!! I've never felt so excited to blog about anything for the longest time until today. My friend, Romina is with me. I am a bit frustrated though because of the weak WiFi connection at the farm. I am just so excited to share a lot of things with you. On our first day, we had a city tour around Panglao. We rented a car that's good for 8 hours. Kuya Paul, our service driver also became our tour guide (I'll make a separate blog for the car rental and other modes of transportation.) There are a lot of beautiful places to explore in Bohol. As I've said, it's love at first land, but I'm going to list my most favorite places in random order.

Loboc River and the Floating Resto

There are two sites for the floating restaurants-the upstream and downstream. We took the downstream because the resto there was awarded as best floating
resto, which simply means the food is great. Price for the buffet lunch is Php392.00 plus a 50-peso environmental fee. There's a more expensive buffet though which is called the Pawikan with an additional fee of 100.
The river cruise was a breathe of fresh air. The river is so clean! We were also serenaded by a local singer. The last part of the cruise was a quick visit to the Ati Tribe, natives of Bohol.

That's what a floating resto looks like. 
Very nice view, right? My tablet has a poor resolution that's why the photos are not so nice.

The buffet!!!
This boy is the youngest among the Ati's. And yes, that's a real iguana he's holding.
The river is as clean as a swimming pool.
I love this photo!! My clothes surprisingly blended with the natives. :)

Hanging Bridge
There's an entrance fee of Php20. This is worth a try for people who would like to conquer their fear of heights. The bridge is made of bamboos and quite long. It's actually 2 bridges--one for the entrance and another one for the exit.

Man-made Forrest
This was a project of the Girl/Boy Scouts of the Philippines in the 60's so the place now is fully developed. The trees are so high and almost shading the road, you would think it's already 6 in the evening. It reminds of Twilight and Beautiful Creatures. Too bad, I don't have a Jansport backpack, and wasn't wearing jeans and sneakers to peg Bella Swan.

Chocolate Hills
The sun was scorching hot when our countryside tour began, but it started pouring as we approached the Chocolate Hills. The hills are foggy so we were not able to get nice photos, but it was still a breathtaking view. It makes me so proud of our country. Despite all the flaws our country has, it is and we are still a blessed nation. Not many countries have these beautiful natural resources like we do. It is enviable! It makes me want to explore more of the Philippines, and I promise I will.

There are also some places that did not top my list but worth sharing.

Blood Compact Site - photo op only and it's free

Baclayon Church - a 400-year-old church, for photo op again...and free

Tarsier Conservation Center- It has an entrance fee of Php60. Before, tourists were allowed to take photos with the tarsiers while carrying and touching them but it is prohibited now.

Ship Haus- Obviously, it's a ship inspired house. It is family owned and was featured on different lifestyle shows. I've seen this featured before on Korina Sanchez's show. It has a 30-peso entrance fee.

Butterfly Farm- with an entrance fee of Php40, you will get a glimpse of a life of a butterfly and have a photo with the creatures too!

Hinagdanan Cave - My friend and I paid Php35 for both of us. I love nature but caves just don't tickle my senses since I'm claustrophobic.  Historically, the cave was used by the Filipinos before to hide from their enemies during war.

Bayoyoy, the dwarf man - He's 66 years old. Her older sister takes care of him now ever since their parents died. He looks so fragile but very cute. He hears but cannot see. Bayoyoy has 14 siblings and his 5 other siblings also has the same condition as him, but he's the only one living now with dwarfism. Guests are not allowed to touch him too and camera flashes should be turned off when taking photos.

Prony, the snake
I only took a photo of him outside his cage because I was scared. He was sleeping during that time and comfortably snugged, he reminds me of a cinnamon swirl! There's an entrance fee of Php25.

That concludes our itinerary for the first day!!


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