Bohol Bee Farm

I accidentally found Bohol Bee Farm while searching for some nice resorts to stay in Panglao Island. I was a bit skeptical about it at first because there are not much reviews found online, but lo and behold, I just made the best decision. Bohol Bee Farm reminds me of Sonya's Garden, a much more improved version of it. I love its old country feel, its serene atmosphere and the warm welcome the staff gives.

Shall I tour you around? I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

The farm is mostly made up of woods and other recycled materials. Since it is located at a cliff, its shape is kind of irregular (pataas, pababa). It has a huge, cozy restaurant. I swear the photos don't give any justice. There are also lots of crawling creatures. I'm talking about black ants and spiders. I guess it's because of of the farm's geographical location and lush trees that surround the place.
It also has a nice view of the sea. This is another beautiful wedding destination. I could imagine an intimate ceremony by the cliff (second photo on the left). Do you see the colorful ceiling panels on the right upper photo? Those were made with recycled straws.
Here's a view of our room. We were checked in at Beehive 1. It has a huge bed, a day bed, a balcony and a  comfort room made with cobble stones. It's perfect for couples. I suddenly missed my husband so much upon seeing a glimpse of the farm. I was raving so much about it that I promised to bring him here the next time he goes home.
Just some cute art works
And now for the food!!! If there's another thing I am so ecstatic about, it's the food, especially because they're serving organic meals. I'm tired the whole day because of the countryside tour, but I was suddenly recharged as our dinner was served one by one.
We tried their famous platter (600 each plus service charge). On the left side: organic garden salad--it is the most colorful salad I've ever seen because it has edible flowers that look like petals of gumamela and bougainvillea. Next is Cab-cab with pesto and green tomatoes and squash bread with homemade spreads. This is so delicious!! We were already full with the salad and appetizer alone. For the soup, it seafood. The main entree consists of grilled marlin, honey glazed chicken, spare ribs (I skipped this one because I don't eat pork anymore.) and seafood lasagna with organic red rice with camote. We were also served a refreshing lemon grass juice. Sadly, we did not finish everything and just asked the staff to pack the leftovers including the dessert.
Bee Farm has unique flavors of ice cream! We were served one scoop each of malunggay and tomato ice cream. I love vegetables, but I never thought they could pass as desserts. Sobrang sarap lang grabe!! If only veggies taste this good, parents will never struggle or fight over their kids at meals.
I cannot contain myself so I rewarded my taste buds another 2 scoops of ice cream the  next day after our island hopping. This time, I tried spicy ginger and durian which were neatly scooped in a cassava cone. I'll go back in Bohol for this alone.
The next night, my friend and I tried their pizza and pasta. We had Herb Pasta and Vegetable Pizza. We're in food heaven again!!!

We had a complimentary buffet breakfast and I'm just so happy that they're not serving the usual meat plus egg plus rice combo. Being dedicated to health, I chose the vegetable pasta, fresh garden salad, fish and fresh fruits. Oh, and I also tried the famous coco jam and fresh banana-papaya shake. Yumyum!!! What a nice treat in the morning!
And that concludes our food trip! There's more to come! :)


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