Mom's day weekend

I went home in Pampanga over the weekend, just in time for Mother's Day and the National Elections the following day. I bought my mom a microfiber mop and duster.
The mop is soiled already. haha..I love how it absorbs liquid faster than the traditional mop.
A week ago, my dad told me we don't have a house helper anymore. She's not stay in. She has her own family and lives nearby our house. She starts working around 7 or 8 in the morning, cleans the house and washes clothes. After her morning chores, she goes home again to attend to her kids, then goes back in the afternoon to fold and iron (just once a week) the laundered clothes. It's actually an easy task as she's only serving 2 people and she's off on Sundays. But during the past years, there were several times when she does not show or sometimes come in very late. So last week, my mom decided to finally terminate her. My mom and dad do all the house chores since then, thus, I gifted them a microfiber mop and a duster. When we (I, my cousin and sister), got home last weekend, we had to do everything from cleaning the house, to cooking, to laundry etc etc. And you know what? I was so happy doing all the chores. It was so quiet, and relaxing. I missed that frugal life. My life has been busy for the past years that I can't even enjoy vacations because I was too preoccupied with other things. It's just now that I'm  finally enjoying my vacation. The fashion school is what's keeping me busy now, but it's manageable. I missed everything back home including the aroma of burnt leaves, the noisy tricycles along the narrow streets, the cheap (sometimes free!) fruits and vegetables, the slow time--I thought we consumed about 4-5 hours of chatting and laughing, just to realized it was only past an hour, doing the laundry the traditional way and many many more.

Here's my dad tending to his mini Farmville at the backyard. This photo was taken 3 months ago. Today, the backyard is not as spacious as that of the photo because the plants have grown too fast. 
These are just some of the plants. My dad has a green thumb. In no particular order, the plants on the photo are eggplants, cucumber, pechay and kamias. There's still tomato plants, watermelon and chili pepper. Sometimes, my dad would call us from the backyard to give us freshly harvested organic veggies. I love it! 
 This is what happiness is, this is what I want--finding joy in simple things. I'm so blessed to have all these things at home and for that, I appreciate my mom and dad even more that I enjoy serving them. You know what, I was even thinking that if I never marry, I'd be happy and content being a single. But because I didn't choose single blessedness, I'd like to spend more time with my family while I'm still here in the Philippines. :)


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