Cebu Photo Diary 2013

Few months ago, I planned a trip for Cebu and Bohol. These two places are in my bucket list this year. The only problem is, my favorite travel buddy aka 'the hubby' isn't around, so I invited my cousin instead and her boyfriend went with us too. I booked for 3 days and 2 nights at Cebu White Sands via Agoda. Our itinerary for our first day was city tour. There's a car rental service at the front side of Mactan Airport. We got a sedan car. It's Php2500 for 8 hours.  The driver became our tour guide too. I'll post some photos of our city tour when I get home. (We're chillin' at Starbucks while waiting for our flight back in Manila as I type this.)

This is the front view of our room. We stayed at the middle room of the second floor.  Cebu White Sands is 20 years-old, owned by a Filipino. It's well-maintained. Our room was very cozy.
This was during our second day. We went snorkeling in the morning. It was a rainy day so we had to leave the marine sanctuary as the waves went high and aggressive. I was praying the whole trip because we were at the middle of the sea and the waves were wickedly splashing on the boat and our faces.
The pool view. Cebu White Sands does not have a pristine white sand though, and the seashore is too small. There are other great beaches like Bantayan island and Oslob, only further but worth a try.
This was a special request from Mang Ernie, our service driver. We went to Crossroads at Banilad just to have a taste of La Marea's Brownie Cup.

That's my cousin and her boyfie. We had a complimentary breakfast buffet for 2 days. I dug on the salad and fruit bar.
Also tried this Mexican inspired resto at Ayala Center. 
Byebye Cebu!!!

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