My Summer Mantra: Health

It's my second week of summer vacation and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Hmmm, there's a bit of lie in that statement. I admit, sometimes I miss doing stuff which stresses me out. My job as a teacher includes a lot of stress, and it feels peculiar doing nothing work related. But I'm not complaining because I can now do all the things I dread not able to do before because of work.

Here's what's keeping me busy now. I still wake up early. If before I am already awake at 4 in the morning, now I'm up by 6. Latest is 7. I am able to prepare my own meals now. Hooray for that. My Bible reading session, personal prayer and body workout is much longer too. The only days I'm quite busy's during my Haute Couture and Advance Pattern Drafting classes. I'm taking advantage of this time too to read more books and watch movies or t.v series. Still working on the latter though.

This morning, I prepared tuna salad for my breakfast.
I just mixed together what I found inside the fridge--lettuce, tomato, pear, cucumber, cheese, tuna  and mango vinaigrette. I'm aiming for a healthier lifestyle now, and surprisingly, I end up craving for healthier foods! Like after my workout, I find myself eating fruits which quenches my thirst too. Before my period, I bloat and sometimes constipate too. I thought these conditions are just normal because of the hormones, but when I fought back the urge of eating junk and switched to healthier choices, I noticed the absence of both. Also, my face is clearing up. I've mentioned a lot of times here how my face broke out terribly last year. So yes, it's so true when they say the outside reflects on what's inside. If you eat right, you'll weigh right too. It just makes sense. Disclaimer: I'm still not completely healthy. I still indulge myself in processed foods. My tongue's flavor of the week now is Oreo with milk.
Gaaaah, this is always be my comfort food.
This is my favorite workout this summer. It's Turbo Fire. I've always dreaded ab workouts, but I want to prove that liposuction and other invasive/non-invasive procedures are not needed to achieve a flat stomach. Ever since I was in college, I'm obsessed with abs because my parents' genes contain the unsightly pooch. (Pusunin pareho grabe!). So for years, I daydreamed of undergoing liposuction to achieve that shapely, flat belly. Funny right? But really, that was my dream. And you know what they say? The dream is always bigger than the dreamer. I dreamed of a flat belly, that's it. But God wanted me to have a healthy body so I could serve Him more. In the end, He gave me knowledge on what to eat right. He provided for me so I could buy videos to workout on since He knows I'm lazy to go to the gym. He taught me what discipline is, how simple it is to live the life He wants me to have. He taught me how to love and embrace myself. If before I used to envy girls with long legs, now I just admire them. I still love my not so long, shapely, beautiful  legs, as my husband describes. Now, the project's on for Health and Wealth for Life.
Tip: Write down what you eat everyday in your journal. In my case, I also write down the workout I do. Next month, I'll be out on the beach, so let's see if there's any more improvement. I still have 7 weeks.

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  1. It is every woman’s prerogative to choose what to do in order to achieve her dream figure. As for me, I have nothing against a liposuction as long as the surgery was administered with absolute safety. Good luck with your Turbo Fire workout! Good things come with those believe. :D

  2. I agree with you! Thank you! On my way there! :D


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