The Greatest Love Story of All

Few months ago, I read a book entitled "Heaven is for Real". It was a true story of a little boy named Colton who had a near death experience and was able to get a glimpse of heaven. One time, on a Good Friday, his pastor dad asked him why Jesus died on the cross. Colton, at his tender age of 4 answered, "Jesus died on the cross so we could go see his dad." This is what salvation means to a child....

Once upon a time, Adam and Eve had a perfect life in the Garden of Eden. They can do whatever they want, anything and everything they wished for. Indeed, they are the luckiest people on earth--well, they are the only people on earth then. EXCEPT for one thing. God said to them, "You are free to eat from any tree in the garden, but you must not eat from this particular tree, for when you eat it, you will surely die." It is as clear as the waters then that the punishment is DEATH. Eternal death that is. But because Adam and Eve, being the unjust humans, imperfect and easily tempted, they blew the only thing God requested them to. (May pinagmanahan talaga tayo sa pagiging tanga at pasaway natin diba?) God has all the right to punish us simply because He is perfect, we are not. And because He's perfect and righteous, He cannot allow sin to go unpunished. But our God is just the most loving and compassionate. Despite our sinfulness, He desperately wants us back. He wants us home with Him. Imagine you're adopted. One time, a signal number 10 typhoon hit the country (Yes, I'm exaggerating, just be artistic and go--imagine) and your home is the safest place on earth. You are with your loving foster family, but you decided to go out of the house and wander. God said, "Iho miyo, don't leave the house. It's too dangerous outside. Just stay here with me, I'll protect you." But being the reckless and plain stupid that you are, you went out, and eventually got lost. God waited and waited for his adopted child, but you never returned. At last, He thought of the most loving and selfless plan. He is going to let your brother, His unico hijo, Jesus, look for you, even if it's a matter of life and death situation. Your brother, Jesus, willingly obliged because he loves you equally. And he will never stop looking for you. He will not return until he finds you and come home with him....

God's love for us is overflowing that's why He sent His only son, Jesus, to die for us, to wash away our sins. Jesus is the only human who is sinless, therefore he is the only one qualified to pay for all man's sins. Jesus bridged the gap between God and man, and because of this, we are entitled of an eternal life. We are deeply loved by God that's why we are worthy of an eternal life. Jesus needed to die, but because he is a God, he conquered death and was risen again. Where else can we find a love this great? We love because He loved us first. 

I'd like to share with you one of my favorite Christian songs, with some clips from the movie, The Passion of Christ. I'd like to believe that what the Roman soldiers did to Jesus was more barbaric and inhumane than the scenes here. The actor's handsome face was still recognizable in the movie. But in the scriptures, it is said that the face of Jesus was severely beaten, even his own mother did not recognize him. 

Thank you, Lord God for your amazing grace. I will be forever grateful to be saved by Jesus. Once, I feared death, but now, death is just another leap to my eternal life. 

Have a meaningful Holy Week, everyone! May Jesus live in our hearts forever. 

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