Meet PeeWee

I wrote in my previous post that I fell in love with a dog. When Bryan saw my photo with Casper, the St. Bernard of Mines View Park, his love for dogs was tickled once again. My husband has always loved animals, hmmm except rats and flying cockroaches. He had rabbits, hamsters, love birds, geese, fighting fishes, turtles and dogs before. As of now, we have two dogs-- a 10-year-old Dachshund and a 5-year-old Labrador Retriever. Whenever my husband goes home from the U.S and is missing in action, I knew for sure he's playing with his pets. He even saved Baegel's (the Dachshund) life before. One time, Baegel became overweight. He couldn't walk and pee for a few days. Everyone thought Baegel's going to die, but Bryan nursed him well. He put on a catheter so Baegel could pee. He bought a huge Tupperware-like container and converted it into a mini pool so Baegel could exercise his weak legs. He did everything he could, and after few days, the little Dachshund got well.  

This is Buchoy, a Labrador Retriever. He was only 2 months here.
This is Baegel, the little hotdog, grandpa dog
However, there was no chance for him to get a puppy in the U.S before because they stayed in an apartment. Now is the best time, so when Bryan saw Casper's photo, he and his sister went to the nearest animal adoption center. They saw this intimidating 2-year-old, gray and white Staffordshire Bull Terrier and took him home.

This is PeeWee. He's a smart dog. He looks like a fused Bulldog and Pug, or so I thought. He's neutered already so he's less maharot. He's medium sized, but he looks big and muscular. He's around 49 pounds. Bryan said PeeWee could drag me if I take him on a walk soon. That's how strong and sturdy he is. He's been with the Perlases for only 4 days, but Bryan could already observe his loyalty. His former owner left him in the adoption center because he could no longer take him in his small apartment. I'll see you soon, PeeWee!!

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