Baguio Photo Diary 2013

Two weeks ago while my friend, Anna and I were chatting, she verbalized her desire to visit Baguio again. My family and I are planning to go to Baguio this April and I'm tasked for the itineraries but it's been 6 years since I last went there. I told Anna I want to go there too (ocular tour being my main purpose), and so after 5 days, we're off to the Summer Capital of the Philippines. As easy as one, two, three. We met at around 12 in the morning at Victory Liner's Cubao Station, and took the 1 A.M regular trip. (Victory Liner has a Deluxe Trip with a much higher price, plus a pretty bus attendant and a shorter travel time. You may check their website here for schedules.) The trip takes around 6 hours with a stop over.

Outfit post first: I'm wearing presents from generous people. This cute H&M retro dress was a gift from my best friend, Iris. The F21 beanie hat was from my husband. I anticipated the cool weather up in Baguio so I wore my thickest tights, but the bus aircon right above our seat was broken so I started chilling minutes before we went down the bus. My fingers were already pale and numb. They got back to normal as soon as I sipped hot chocolate from Cafe By the Ruins. 

Photo was taken from the Botanical Garden
We decided to eat breakfast at Cafe by the Ruins. We still waited for some minutes because the resto was still closed. 
Duck noodle soup. This is only good for 1 person, but Anna and I shared. Actually, I was only after the hot soup to aid my chills.  It also helped that Cafe by the Ruins had a cozy ambiance. 
Rizal's Tsokolate. I missed this taste.
The restaurant's popular with their homemade breads. This one has local white cheese  and basil with fried sweet potatoes as side dish.
I was normal again after our hearty breakfast and ready to explore Baguio. We were able to visit the Botanical Garden, Wright Park and The Mansion, Camp John Hay, Mines View Park and Pink Sisters. We arrived at around 7 in the morning and left at 3 in the afternoon. Not bad! 
At Mines View Park with the famous St. Bernard. I thought there was only one St. Bernard until I went there and discovered there were three and not blood-related at all. This is Casper. He's two and he's humongous!!! He's the only white St. Bernard with shades. I learned he's bi-eyed. I'm not an animal lover. I'm not scared either but I just find it weird to be near them, much more to touch them. During our photo-op, the owner said, "ma'am, upo po kayo sa gitna." Puzzled, I still obliged. I started screaming and laughing when he asked Casper to sit on my lap. Really, I thought I was going to faint, but Casper was a gentle giant. I love him na!! Next time, I'm going to hug him. 
We also tried the strawberry taho. It's a lot better than the plain one. 
We bought our pasalubong at Mines View Park. There's a lot of choices there too. No need to go to the market.
Retro din si Mr. Horse. Actually, the only reason why I had a photo with Mr. Horse kase peg ko si Sara the little princess. haha

Before we headed back to the bus station, we visited the famous Hill Station and Mt. Cloud Book Shop. I was looking at the desserts at Hill Station when a man in military uniform approached me. I was intimidated until I realized it was the restaurant's crew uniform.
I love the place! Better if you bring a date. :
Anna chose plain Apple Pie. I love that it's not too sweet and  the apples  are not crushed. They also have Apple Pie Ala Mode with vanilla ice cream on top. 
I asked their best seller and the waiter immediately offered this. It's called Death by Chocolate.  It's like Zuzuni's Mati Chocolate in Boracay, only this is neatly place in a cup. And the chocolate eventually solidifies. Sooo good! I also like that the waiters ask feedback about the food. They're very approachable. I learned that the place was functioning for just 3 years. It's actually situated below an old hotel, Casa Vallejo. The hotel was a vacation house of American soldiers before. It's more than a hundred years old. 
Commuting is not a problem in Baguio. There are taxis all over the place, much cheaper with a flagdown rate of Php35 and 2.50 per succeeding meters. The drivers are also very nice and honest. They will even return the last centavo change. I'll see you again in 2 weeks, Baguio!!


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