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The month of February is very dear to me and Bryan. It's the month when we first met, first dated and got married (our renewal of vows that is). Side story: Whenever I introduce myself to a new set of students, I would say, "I'm married for 3 years and I got married twice."--the last statement which always provokes a frown and a huge question mark on their faces..haha..then I'll finish it..."with the same man". And so they looked quite relieved with a big "aaaahhhh". 

Three years is three years, but it just seems like yesterday. I still watch SDE's of my favorite videographers, browse beautiful wedding photos and always in search for the best suppliers in town. I remember how lost I was during our wedding preparations, which I eventually enjoyed immensely as I got familiar with the details. Would you believe that the very first supplier we booked was a photo booth? Our wedding date wasn't even settled then. hahaha

After the photo booth hype, I started looking for the venue.  I've said this before that I am not a fan of cathedrals and hotels. I've always loved venues that are closer to nature. Tagaytay would have been a better option but we prioritized our guests' comfort and so we finally chose The Lakeshore in my hometown. So if given another chance to wed again--with my husband of course, a beach, a garden or a forest would be an option. Yes, you read that right--forest! But let me clarify that I am not talking about the forest where Red Riding Hood was chased by a wolf, or where Snow White was meddled by the huntsman. Think of Noah and Allie of The Notebook, or Edward and Bella's wedding. Think of something old fashioned, something peaceful, something you and your granny would love. A countryside feel, lots of trees and all flowers of May, cool breeze, a Victorian-inspired hall with a Gothic chapel nearby, hmmmm and a lake will always be perfect (another reason why we chose The Lakeshore, but the area was formerly a rice field), but best of all, the love that is overflowing in the air. 

Recently, I came across this site called Ballara Receptions. It's located in Melbourne, Australia but it was love at first browse. You could imagine me overusing the words "ooohhhs and ahhhhhs and woooows" while I was browsing the site. It's like a crossbreed of a garden and forest. My thoughts just came to life!!

The caption says it all!
Here is a video of the breathtaking venue. Aussie friends, you may want to highly consider this venue on your special day. 

1 John 4:18-19  There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.
We love because he first loved us.


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  1. Before choosing wedding venues you should take advice from people around you.

    1. Yes of course! That's what I did when I was preparing for my wedding.

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  3. Prefect place have been chosen for wedding venue. I like it

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