Cleaning up: My shoe list

The day after Bryan left, I overhauled our room and dispensed a lot of my stuff-mostly clothes and shoes. It has already become a habit so I do it twice a year, usually January and then the second half of the year. At that moment, it was my comfort zone to distract myself from Bryan's leaving.
I stripped a lot of dresses from the hangers and pulled skirts, shorts and shirts from the drawers until they piled up in a huge transparent plastic bag. They're all in mint condition, others were even unworn. I thought of  selling them at first, but I pondered it will be better to just give them away for free. My sister's friends were about my size so I asked them to drop by the house and feel free to snatch some items they liked. Turns out, the plastic bag was the only one left for me, and they were very happy. I was happy too because the remaining clothes in the cabinet could breath now and not anymore prone to molds. 

I have about 30 plus pairs of shoes which accumulated over the past 4 years. With the kind of weather we have here, my shoes don't last long. 3 years for me is a good lifespan of a shoe. After that, the sole loses its adhesive and the leather and inner part disintegrate, that's why I have a price limit for my shoes, as no matter how expensive they are, they still tear apart. 

As of now, I still have 20+ pairs and good as new. And I like them all! I know, I know, they're still a handful, but I'm not planning to buy any pair at all for the next months, or maybe even a year, unless one of my "standard shoes" wears out, then I'll definitely get a replacement. 

I made a shoe list which includes the shoes I cannot leave without, thus calling them my "standard shoes". I listed them to be constantly reminded especially when I have the urge to buy another one. I even categorized them. 

1.) Pumps
These shoes will always be my first love and number 1 on my list, although I'm settling for thicker heels now. I'm not saying goodbye to stilettos yet, but my legs and comfort will be my priority.
My basics--a red, pink and nude pumps.

2.) Wedge/ Chunky Heels
Next on my list is this group. My basics are black, white, green, blue, yellow, pink, red and maybe a printed one!

3.) Sandal Thong- A gold or a silver sandal thong is on my list.

4.) Flats - 2 or 3 pairs will do and I always prefer a gold one. :)
My very cheap but comfortable gold flats, also known as my work and errand shoes and gold sandal thong which I recently bought from my Boracay trip. 
5) Slippers - My ever reliable Havaianas which I own for 6 years now!

I don't have rubber shoes though. The last time I own one was in college for my P.E classes. Perhaps, I could also include that on my list. Or maybe a pair of Chucks. :) Do you have standard shoes too? :)


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