LDLA: Adjustment Period

It's been 9 days post Bryan. He's now back in the U.S; back in our abnormal routine. So far, we have adjusted again. I went with his siblings to drop him off the airport (I usually just stay at home, coz I hate to see him leave). Seeing the port at that time made me numb. Poor port, I hated it again. The first 3 days were the most difficult, like I had a bad case of separation anxiety, but the first 16 hours were worse because there's no means of communication, and all I had to do was to wait, wait and wait until my husband arrives safely to LAX.

Throughout the years that we've been doing this routine, I never get used to the leaving on a jetplane stuff. For several months of Skyping, Facebooking and Magic Jacking, it seems like we had normal lives. We looked comfortable and our set-up appears uncomplicated. But when the time of the year comes when the airport was again the apple of my eye, everything goes back to zero. We have to adjust all over again, especially now. Throughout the years, I think this was his most critical departure. He only spent 18 days in the Philippines, but every moment of it was memorable. We're going 3 in a few days, but we felt like newly weds. When he was back in L.A and we started skyping again, he said, "I loved you before, no doubt about it, but this vacation has made me realized how in love I was with you. I love you more today."...My heart swelled! Bryan and I were like irritating, infatuated jeje teenagers, only we were really in love. When the year started, we prayed together and vowed to always pray together everyday. It soothes our longing hearts. And after all those heartaches, we learned how to look at the brighter side of life, how truly blessed we are. I am grateful for the things Bry and I have now. It's been 8 wonderful years of a not-so-perfect relationship, and I know sooner, this LDLA (long distance love affair) will be over. Konting tiis pa. We've come a long way, what's another few months? The day after Bryan left, I received a text message from my sister. She said, "Ate, I know you're sad, but I'd like to share this 'coz I feel it's God's word to you. Romans 12:2, God's plan for us is always good, pleasing and perfect. Renew your mind with His word, then you will know His plans. Hug, Ate! In the meantime, delight yourself in the Lord. He will give you the desires of your heart." :)

so in love with you knight,

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