I'll have a blast this 2013!

I feel very much blessed to have ended and started the new year with the love of my life. Bryan and I are married for almost 3 years but this is our first time together on holidays. He will be leaving on the 4th. Sad, I know, but we have bigger things to look forward to this year, although there's only one prayer that we hope to be answered with a big yes. We want to be together for good. 

This year, I intend to continue what I started on 2012 like my clothing line, OMEA shop (Oh My Earth Angel). I left it hanging for a while since the preparation for the holidays, but it will come alive this year. I also started writing my goals. My 2012 goals were 90% achieved! I plan to continue my fashion design classes, this time pursuing the advance courses. I also want to overhaul our room.   I realized that Bryan and I didn't do any effort to make a love nest since we got married. I just moved to their house and got our own room, but never thought of making it "ours". I'll start cleaning up again next week, which means giving up a lot of stuff. I want to simplify everything, like maintaining few pairs of shoes. I bargained Bryan about me maintaining 20 pairs (he gave me a sarcastic look) because there were about 35 plus pairs before and I end up disposing a lot. I also plan to stick with my current beauty regimen. The year 2012 wasn't so good on my skin. I had a bad case of acne breakout, but my face started to heal again during the last quarter of the year with my newly discovered low maintenance, natural skin regimen. I will also invest  more on relationships too like spending more time with my sister, parents and friends. :)


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