From scraps to fab!

I'd like to share this photo I grabbed from my student, Joanne. 

At first glance, it looks like they're wearing leatherette (wow!), but their clothes were made from garbage bags! They are the College of Nursing's representatives for UST's Search for Nature Ambassadors, which explains  the scraps they're wearing. This is yet, another rushed project of mine--and I had some assistants! Yesterday, one student approached me and was asking for help. They have to produce something to wear for our representatives' photo shoot in the afternoon. Luckily, I had spare time so off I went to the Students' Organization Room and started cutting left and right. No sewing. I just used Scotch tape to put the pieces together. Finally, we were able to produce this. I learned that Scotch tape works best with plastic (geez, am I the last person to know this?). They look good together, right? And this is yet, another proof that it's not always the brand you're wearing but how you carry yourself. Joanne and Shaun, break a leg! The College of Nursing's here to support you all the way. 

love love,
Ma'am Perlas :)

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