Black Wedding

A quick outfit post before running some errands. I attended a Victorian inspired wedding of my friend last December. The couple went for an all black wedding. They asked all their guests to wear black, so the two of them would shine in white. This reminded me of our own wedding where we opted for a black and white reception that caused some arched eyebrows and sneered expressions from, well, unimportant people. I love black! 

This was what I wore. A black lace, body hugging dress which I bought from Archive Clothing two years ago! It's from a thrift shop (ukay-ukay!!) I'm glad I found the right occasion to flaunt it. I paired it with a black pair of earrings and net gloves.

I attended several parties during the holidays and just got lucky to have friends and a sibling who could do my hair and make-up. Too bad, for this occasion, they were all busy so I went with my electric fan-dried hair and a pink lipstick (since it's the only make-up I know how to wear). 

I was one of the readers during the ceremony, got dehydrated in the middle of the event so I went out with another friend to look for a bottled water. I spotted Chi's (the bride) hair and make-up stylists outside the church, Mycke Arcano and Ate Engie Mulingbayan and said hellos. Both of them made me up before and was glad that Chi chose them for her special day. Lucky me again, they abducted me as we're about to enter the reception at Oasis. Mycke couldn't stand my buhaghag hair, so they approached me for a quick make-over. The bride and groom by the way were still having their pictorial at that moment, so no fuss, folks. 
Not obvious though, but I'm already made up in here. :)
This is one of my favorite shots at the photo booth, me pretending to be malditang matapobre and Donie, the kawawang api
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To Chi and Bdick, I hope you enjoyed the holidays together as husband and wife. Congratulations and best wishes!!


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