My First "Runway"

As an instructor at the College of Nursing, everyone anticipates the month of November because it's when we celebrate the Nursing Week. Technically, Nursing DAYS! It's a busy week for our students because of the anticipating activities, plus, they get to show off their talents. One of the highlights of this event is "The Search for the Ideal Thomasian Nursing Personality". I love UST pageants! Pageants have a special place in my heart because it's where I first saw my husband. He was 17 and one of the candidates, while I watched him along with the other candidates from the far end of the soccer field. :)

Three months ago, I decided to step out of my comfort zone, took a deep breath and volunteered to sponsor the casual wear of the female candidates which means, I will do everything from scratch. I have to design, pattern and sew all by myself for the 12 young ladies. It was an impulsive decision actually. Now you know the reason why I haven't updated my blog for the past weeks. 

I made 4 designs and chose 3 bright colors--red, yellow and pink. It's an almost everyday date with my sewing machines since October. Come the day of fitting (we had 2! or 3 I think), I was happy with the positive response of the girls. 

And now on the day. I was one of the judges and made my own outfit for the event too, but that will be a story for another day. It was a Filipiniana themed pageant, although the casual wear need not to go with the theme.
Here are some of the girls. I wanted to upload more photos but the storage of this blog exceeded already, and I'm too itchy to publish this post (will make up for it soon). I looked calm that night, but my anxiety didn't fade until after the Casual Wear  portion. Now I know the feeling of the Project Runway contestants. hahaha..When the girls strut gracefully on stage, I couldn't help but clap and grin so wide!! They all looked beautiful. I was like a stage mom. My fellow judges tapped my arm and nodded with approval. (Photo credits: Mike Chan Li)

P.S: Some of these designs will be available for made-to-order in my new online clothing shop, OMEA (Oh My Earth Angel) soon! In the meantime, please like us on Facebook! 


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